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1''Mega Man'' is a short-lived comic book from Dreamwave Productions. It follows the exploits of Rocky as he goes to school, and fights robots as Mega Man. Along the way, he meets some friends, including Alan, and Chelsea, who would become his LoveInterest. ²²Not to be confused with [[ComicBook/MegaMan the Archie Comics series]] or the Brazilian comic ''ComicBook/NovasAventurasDeMegaman'', and you would not want to confuse this with the {{Manga}}, ''Manga/MegaManMegamix''. ²²----²!!This series provides examples of:²* AlternateContinuity: From the games and other adaptations.²* {{Animesque}}: Even ignoring that Dreamwave tried to go for this, there's still the source material, so no surprise here.²* BackToBackBadasses: Mega Man and Proto Man vs Multi Man.²* BankRobbery: Express Man is even carrying a bag with a dollar sign on it.²* BrainwashedAndCrazy: The sound system robot DJ Jazzy J4-8950 at the school dance.²* CanonForeigner: Chelsea, Alan, The Boltz brothers, and even some of the Robot Masters, to name a few.²%%* ComicBookAdaptation²* CutShort: Issue 4 ends on a cliffhanger that was supposed to lead into a ''VideoGame/MegaManX'' comic. Dreamwave going out of business means it never came to be, and it's highly unlikely a continuation of any sort will come into existence.²%%* DumbMuscle: Barrage Man.²%%* FragileSpeedster: Express Man.²* FlyingCar: Yet it seems this doesn't prevent traffic jams any more than normal ones.²* HighSchoolAU: Or in this case, Junior High School AU. It is also a {{Canon}} example, due to being approved by Creator/{{Capcom}}.²* HumongousMecha: The fan-named "Steel Devil" that Wily deploys in the fourth and final issue. It's arguably bigger than [[VideoGame/MegaMan3 Gamma]].²* KidnappedScientist: Dr. Light in the most literal sense. Wily doesn't want Light to work for him, he just wants to [[EvilGloating gloat]].²* LeftHanging: Per franchise tradition. This was a result of [[AuthorExistenceFailure Dreamwave going out of business]].²* LoveInterest: Chelsea to Rocky.²* InNameOnly: Not as bad as other examples but still applies. Hell, more than half of the cast are [[CanonForeigner completely made up characters]].²* MesACrowd: Multi Man.²* MusicalAssassin: DJ Jazzy J4-8950 after going crazy.²* OddNameOut: DJ Jazzy J4-8950 is clearly a Robot Master style opponent, but he doesn't have the traditional naming convention of the franchise.²* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Dr. Wily's name is spelled as Dr. Wil'''e'''y here.²* TheUnfought: Heat Man causes an airplane crash and kidnaps Dr. Light. Mega Man never even ''sees'' him.


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