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1[[center: [-[[Characters/{{Metroid}} Main Character Index]] | [[Characters/MetroidSamusAran Samus Aran]] | [[Characters/MetroidTheMetroids Metroids]] ([[Characters/MetroidMetroidPrimeAndDarkSamus Prime]]) | [[Characters/MetroidSpacePirates Space Pirates]] ([[Characters/MetroidMotherBrain Mother Brain]] | [[Characters/MetroidRidley Ridley]]) | [[Characters/MetroidGalacticFederation Galactic Federation]] | [[Characters/MetroidTheChozo Chozo]] | [[Characters/MetroidBountyHunters Bounty Hunters]] | [[Characters/MetroidOtherAntagonists Other Antagonists]] | '''Others''' | [[Characters/MetroidNoncanonicalCharacters Noncanonical Characters]]]]-]²----²²!Luminoth²[[foldercontrol]]²[[folder:In General]]²-> Debut: ''VideoGame/MetroidPrime2Echoes''²-->''"It is told that the Luminoth were not born of Aether, but of the stars. In the early days, we roamed the greatness of the void, bathing in the glorious light of a thousand stars. We met a vast number of enlightened minds... the N'kren, the Ylla, and the Chozo among them. Each of them, we found, had claimed a homeworld and formed a deep bond with it. In time, we decided to do the same. Our search for a home took us through the cosmos. For many a great cycle we roamed, yet a place to call our home eluded us. In time, we began to despair, feeling the search was in vain. We considered remaining among the stars until a scout returned with news of a world unlike any other. When we first beheld Aether for the first time, so great was her beauty that we forsook the stars forever to live upon her surface. From that day forth, the Luminoth were of Aether, our blessed paradise."''²--->-- '''Lore of Light'''²----²A race of mothlike humanoids living on the rogue planet Aether. They were a peaceful, technologically advanced race living harmonious lives on their homeworld until a Phazon meteor hit the planet and the Ing emerged from the newly created Dark Aether. They were forced to create weaponry to combat the Ing but were soon overwhelmed. Most of the surviving Luminoth had no choice but to go into hyper-sleep until the time came when a hero could destroy the Ing once and for all.²----²[[quoteright:350:]] ²[[caption-width-right:350:''"Through vigilance and strength, we create peace."'']]²²* AlwaysLawfulGood: Though we really only learn about their species wide interactions, founders, heroes and the desperate actions they take in the face of an enemy bent on their annihilation, so anyone could come off like that.²* {{Antimatter}}: The light of Aether and the atmosphere of Dark Aether have given them a way to contain antimatter and weaponize the energy let off by annihilation.²* AstonishinglyAppropriateAppearance: They are basically humanoid moths. So, it's natural that they would have a deep attraction to light.²* BilingualBonus: Their species name is a combination of the Latin "lumen" for light and "moth."²* BadassPreacher:²** The Luminoth usually speak about peace and all that, through strength and if neccessary war, and come off as a race that would rather not fight. But as soon as the Ing invade, they wasted little time in preparing for war, and while they failed, they still did a pretty good job. Added to the fact that if you scan the bodies of some of the dead ones, you'll see that the grand majority went down fighting, or at least holding their post; a notable example of the latter would be one female Luminoth that held her post even though she was ''starving to death''. The Luminoth are pretty hardcore.²** J-Stl and A-Kul. J-Stl killed at least 100 Ing in ''his last stand'', and who knows how many he killed in total. A-Kul: went into Dark Aether, a terrible dimension filled to the brink with Ing that would kill her the second they got a chance and whose very air was deadly, found one of the ten keys to the temple that had all been hidden by the Ing, fought her way to the Sky Temple, and managed to place it there AND leave clues to the other keys before dying.²** The Sentinels of the Temples are perhaps the epitome of this, especially since they probably really are preachers. Scans reveal every one of them went down fighting. The one in Agon died while fending off innumerable Ing hordes, finally succumbing to superior numbers. The one in Torvus was possessed numerous times, and fought off ''each of them''. The Ing finally realized that they couldn't break his will and killed him. And the one in the Sanctuary Fortress was so badass, the Ing had to turn his own weapons of war against him, unable to defeat him themselves.²* ColourCodedForYourConvenience: The Luminoth structures follow a colour scheme of amber, silver and ruby. The Dark Suit, despite its namesake, shares the same colours as the Luminoth temples, marking Samus as a Luminoth warrior.²* ComputerVirus: For once, the technology level and earlier compatibility patches pretty much justify the Rezbit's hacking and virus uploading abilities. The question here is why the Luminoth would [[DemonicSpiders make the little thing so good at delivering them in the first place]].²* CyberPunk: Their Sanctuary Fortress's design seems at least partly inspired by it, especially compared to their stone temples and hive like dwellings.²* GentleGiant: They appear to be about twice as tall as Samus, but before they were forced to fight the Ing they were a very peaceful and nature-loving race.²* GoingToGiveItMoreEnergy: This is why the Luminoth first designed the Dark Beam in ''Echoes''. It didn't work. They then designed the Light Beam, which was much more effective.²* HigherTechSpecies: They developed their unique technology through a combination of contact with the Chozo and their own experimentation on Aether. In fact, they might very well have gotten the chance to join the Chozo as SufficientlyAdvancedAliens had they not gotten embroiled with the Ing.²* HopelessWar: Both against the Ing and their own machines. The machines as a whole aren't able to combat the Ing well either and are not priority targets for them beyond extra weapons systems. This means whether possessed or free, most of them are against the Luminoth.²* HumanPopsicle: All but U-Mos are in stasis until the crisis is over. In the final scene, they all get out and bow down before Samus in gratitude.²* InsectoidAliens: They're basically giant moths.²* KneelBeforeFrodo: What they do after Samus destroys the Ing for good.²* LightIsGood: Sort of. The light of Aether is supposedly part of what makes their technology possible and it is what kept the Ing from immediately overrunning them, but from Federation data, it can be implied it is also what makes Aether "dimensionally unstable", which is what allowed Dark Aether to form in the first place.²* MagneticWeapons: Mekenobites use magnets to walk on the walls and ceilings of Sanctuary Fortress and to propel projectiles at enemies.²* MostWritersAreHuman: The fact that Samus is fighting to help a species of ''humanoid'' moths against a species of very definitely ''non''-humanoid creatures is significant.²* PsychicPowers: More than one of them had these, at least, but it is not clear how many.²* RedEyesTakeWarning: They have red eyes and have spent the last 50 years fending off a race of extradimensional monsters with their combat prowess and advanced technology.²* RobotWar: The machines they created for war, and even those for peace, decided that [[CrushKillDestroy all living things must die]] while the Luminoth were already in the middle of the Ing war. Only the most basic maintenance bots remained loyal, though they weren't of much help, having no combat ability.²* SpaceElves: Of the "Enlightened Mystic" variety, thankfully.²* StarfishLanguage: They have a three dimensional writing system, for starters. Samus's scan visor cannot even break through much of it at first.²* SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute: They have advanced technology, psionic abilities, and physiques that give them a strong resemblance to the Chozo, who they had contact with before discovering Aether. The story of their war against the Ing even follows many of the same beats as the story of the Tallon IV Chozo.²* TheTapeKnewYouWouldSayThat: The temple holograms change their messages based on what Samus has accomplished between each visit. It's unknown whether the holograms are [[BrainUploading self-aware]] or simply programmed for a wide variety of scenarios.²* WeatherControlMachine: One of the marvels they made use of.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:U-Mos]]²-> Debut: ''VideoGame/MetroidPrime2Echoes''²----²The fifth sentinel of the Luminoth, and the only surviving member of the species not in stasis by the time Samus arrives at Aether.²----²* DeathByChildbirth: His mother died giving birth to him, according to scan data on one of the Luminoth statues.²* {{Deuteragonist}}: In charge of the Luminoth race, and Samus' only ally in ''VideoGame/MetroidPrime2Echoes''.²* LastStand: Until Samus' arrival, he is left defending the Great Temple from [[OmnicidalManiac the Ing]] alone, with no means of defeating them.²* MrExposition: Gives a basic overview of the main plot, which is explained in more detail in the lore scans.²* NoSell: He'll casually block anything you try and hit him with, up to and including the devastating power bombs or reality breaking Sonic Boom.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Keybearers]]²-> Debut: ''VideoGame/MetroidPrime2Echoes''²-->''"Do not look unkindly upon their failure, for they died to save us all."''²--->-- '''A-Kul'''²----²A group of ten Luminoth warriors tasked with finding the Keys that would unlock the way to the Sky Temple where the Emperor Ing resided. While they were able to find the keys, they were all killed before they could bring them to the lock. The exception was A-Kul, the Champion of Aether, who used her psychic connection to the other nine to leave behind clues to the Key locations for a future warrior to use before succumbing to her wounds.²----²* AllThereInTheManual: According to a Q&A, some of the keybearers had younger brothers and joined up to try and alleviate their younger sibling's fears of the Ing, only to die in the process.²* AmbiguousGender: It's unclear what gender D-Isl, J-Fme, and M-Dhe are, as A-Kul doesn't use gendered pronouns for them in her clues, the Luminoth don't have any easily discernible sexual dimorphism, and their strange names don't provide any clear hint either.²* BattleCouple: B-Stl and J-Stl were a married couple who fought the Ing as they tried to help unlock the Sky Temple.²* {{Diary}}: Based on the opening line of their testament, J-Fme kept a journal of some kind, of which the testament was merely his final entry.²* HeroicSuicide: D-Isl became infected by Ing and killed themselves before the Ing could fully seize control and use them as a weapon against their fellows.²* HeroOfAnotherStory: A-Kul led the mission to steal the Sky Temple keys from Dark Aether, and was the only member of the team to successfully complete the task. Additionally, talking to the temple holograms after each suit upgrade Samus acquires reveals that the Dark Suit, Dark Visor, and the Luminoth weapon modules were originally equipped by A-Kul, making her the Luminoth's own version of Samus Aran. The other nine Keybearers were no slouches either, with several killings loads of Ing before dying.²* LastStand: Several of them. J-Stl was caught in an ambush but killed five score Ing before falling, G-Sch massacred the lesser Ing that were sent against him until their leader had to put him down, C-Rch fought until he ran out of ammo and had to resort to blade and fist, J-Fme died fighting the Ing's corrupted machines while the Ing watched from a distance, and S-Jrs died making a fighting retreat to try and gather reinforcements. Played with regarding M-Dhe, whose testament indicates that they planned to make a final stand but was dying of Ing poison and feared they may not have the strength when their foes arrived.²* TheLeader: A-Kul was the leader of the ten keybearers.²* NoSneakAttacks: Averted. S-Dly was attacked and mortally wounded several times by the Ing before she even realized they were there, though she survived long enough to warn the rest of her cadre of the incoming attack.²* PosthumousCharacter: All of them were killed long before Samus came to Aether.²* TheSquad: The keybearers were divided into two cadres of five, with A-Kul, B-Stl, G-Sch, J-Stl, and S-Dly forming Cadre 1, and C-Rch, D-Isl, J-Fme, M-Dhe, and S-Jrs forming Cadre 2.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Quadraxis]]²-> Debut: ''VideoGame/MetroidPrime2Echoes''²----²A titanic war machine created by the Luminoth, since corrupted by the Ing and turned against its masters. It serves as the guardian of the Ing Hive temple.²----²[[quoteright:350:]] ²²* AIIsACrapshoot: Presumably, it had joined [[RobotWar the war against all living things]] before [[DemonicPossession the Ing took it over]].²* AttackOfTheFiftyFootWhatever: ''Nintendo Power'' had an article on this boss with a side by side comparison of its model with Samus's, asking if that was a fair fight.²* BossBattle: Of the Ing Hive area.²* ClimaxBoss: The final Temple Guardian fight and the last fight to give you a power-up. After beating Quadraxis, the focus shifts toward the final journey to defeat the Emperor Ing.²* CombatTentacles: It has several tentacles on its main body, though subverted in that it doesn't actually use them.²* EverythingsBetterWithSpinning: Sometimes, during its first phase. Subverted, since getting sucked into a top-like mech to be battered is anything but better.²* FinishingStomp: There is a good chance you won't be finished, but you deserve to be if you let the robot step on you. Getting hit by its ShockwaveStomp is more understandable.²* FlunkyBoss: It calls on dark quads when Samus starts to give it trouble.²* {{Foreshadowing}}: In the light world version of the room you fight it in you can see the disassembled parts of another Quadraxis, hinting at what awaits you in the dark world.²* GateGuardian: For the penultimate energy controller and the last one before the FinalBoss.²* HomingProjectile: It has the Annihilator Beam incorporated into the Command Module, and gives Samus a free preview of its homing capabilities.²* HumongousMecha: Possibly THE largest boss in Metroid history. The Command Module is nearly the size of Samus's ship.²* ImprovisedPlatform: You use its remains as one.²* InterfaceScrew: If you don't break the lock-on attack in its first form it hits you with a beam that cancels beam charges, breaks lock-on, prevents you from firing for a short time, and fuzzes up your vision.²* KingMook: It is essentially a gargantuan Quad robot. [[spoiler:Even down to the Command Module and Main Body being able to fight separately.]]²* {{Kneecapping}}: The first step to defeating it is to blow off all its kneecaps. Even for a robot, that's probably not very fun.²* MightyGlacier: It is fast enough to keep you in its sights if you try to run circles around it (and you may end up doing so just to keep from being underfoot) but its forward momentum is less than impressive in its initial state. Indeed it takes a little while for Quadraxis to simply lift a leg. Luckily for it there are walls that prevent Samus from simply running away.²* MoreDakka: It also has missiles and bullets to spam.²* PurpleIsPowerful: It briefly takes on they typical purple-centric color scheme of Ing hosts when they infest it before returning to its normal coloration.²* RedEyesTakeWarning: Subverted; when the Ing start using it, its eyes go from red to blue. When they start to turn red again, it means you are winning.²* ShockwaveStomp: It can leap into the air and come crashing down, sending a shockwave out of each foot.²* SomeKindOfForceField: On the control module once it detaches. You need the Echo Visor to turn it off.²* StunGun: It's disruptor can stun Samus, but can be dodged with the boost ball or deflected with a screw attack. ²* ThirdEye: For whatever reason, it has one²* YinYangBomb: Its Annihilator Beam, which uses ying and yang [[AntiMatter to contain a bomb]] and then lets out the resulting bang. Luckily it doesn't also have the reality shattering charge beam combo of the weapon.²[[/folder]]²²!Bryyo²[[folder:Reptilicus]]²-> Debut: ''VideoGame/MetroidPrime3Corruption''²----²The native inhabitants of the Fuel Gel-rich planet Bryyo. Once an advanced race that blended magic with science and came into contact with other advanced races such as the Chozo and the Luminoth, the increasing disdain the ascendant Lords of Science held for the magical Primal Traditions brought about a bitter war between the two sides that devastated Bryyo and left Reptilicus society in shambles. By the time Samus visits their planet during the Phazon Crisis, the combination of non-stop war and Phazon corruption brought by the Leviathan impact has left them little more than savage animals.²----²* AchillesHeel: They do not handle low temperatures very well, although the corrupted Reptilicus Hunters handle it them much better than the standard variety.²* BerserkButton: Seeing technology serves as this for the Primals. They went on a genocidal rampage against the remaining Lords of Science after interpreting the latter's world-healing machines for weapons, and a DummiedOut scan log indicates that the Federation give the Reptilicus a wide berth when harvesting Fuel Gel to avoid violent encounters due to that hostility toward technology.²* EliteMooks: Reptilicus Hunters were already this and have been further altered from their standard brethen by phazon corruption. ''All'' Reptilicus seem to suffer from some degree of corruption, according to the scan visor, but hunters most significantly.²* FeudalFuture: They were ruled by emperors and empresses and had lords and houses even during the time they explored space in advanced starships.²* IComeInPeace: They bore these banners in the age of space travel and were telling the truth. It was their own kind they ended up warring with.²* {{Invisibility}}: An ability of Reptilicus Hunters, who are fought before you get a visor to track them at that.²* LiterallyShatteredLives: Reptilicus tend to throw chakrams, which return to their hands. Freeze a Reptilicus right after it throws one and [[HoistByHisOwnPetard guess what happens on the return trip]]? You even get a Friend Voucher if you do this.²* TheMagicVersusTechnologyWar: One so devastating that it turned much of the planet into a wasteland and also left it tidally locked. The magic-using Primals won a PyrrhicVictory, in that the Lords of Science were vanquished but their world was in ruins.²* MultiArmedAndDangerous: The Reptilicus have two pairs of arms.²* PerplexingPlurals: For some reason a group of Reptilicus are not Reptilici.²* TheReptilians: Ones with heads resembling dinosaur skulls and lots of spikes. The heavily corrupted hunters have lost the spikes and gained muscle mass²* RingsOfDeath: They can throw energized chakrams at Samus.²* SanitySlippage: On top of the non-stop war causing social decline, Phazon corruption has turned most of them into savages.²* {{Seers}}: At least one of their prophets, phrophetesses, predicted a future event fairly accurately.²* ShoutOut: We'll give you three guesses [[Film/{{Reptilicus}} to what]]. Also, [[Series/XenaWarriorPrincess chakrams that act like boomerangs]]?²* SpheroidDropship: What we've seen of their space craft were spherical in nature²* VillainTeleportation: They're able to warp across the battlefield. The heavily corrupted hunters havee lost this ability, however.²* WallCrawl: An ability gained by the heavily corrupted Reptilicus Hunters²* WhipItGood: They use energy whips when you're outside of slashing distance²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Warp Hounds]]²-> Debut: ''VideoGame/MetroidPrime3Corruption''²----²Vicious animals used by the Reptilicus to help attack intruders.²----²* AchillesHeel: To a much lesser degree than Reptilicus, but ice missiles will slow the nimble beasts down. Multiple seeker missiles at once are usually needed to freeze one outright as they otherwise tend to avoid complete immobilization by simply "warping" again.²* BreathWeapon: They habitually consume Fuel Gel, and this lets them breath fire at opponents.²* CallASmeerpARabbit: They are only hound like in the manner that they run, not even in the way they walk, as aside from being bipedal they have a very different body structure.²* RightHandAttackDog: They serve as this for the Reptilicus.²* SuperSpit: They can regurgitate fuel gel to impede enemy movements²* VillainTeleportation: They do this even more than their Reptilicus owners, as their species name indicates.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Last Lord of Science]]²-> Debut: ''VideoGame/MetroidPrime3Corruption''²----²The only survivor of the Primal extermination of the Lords of Science, he worked in secret for many years using a mix of science and magic in hopes of restoring Bryyo's ecosystem to its former glory. He eventually took in a young Primal Prophetess as his pupil and worked with her to save the planet from the Leviathan whose impact she foresaw. Sadly, a freak accident alerted the other Primals to their position, required the Last Lord of Science to take drastic measures to make sure their work would not be in vain.²----²* AllYourPowersCombined: After realizing the folly of blindly following Science, he chose to unite Magic and Science. This allowed him to create a safe haven sheltered by gigantic Mogenar golems and live long enough to witness his species' fall from starfarers to primitive barbarians.²* HeroicSacrifice: He stayed behind to fight the Primals and give the Prophetess a chance to escape in order to spread the lore he wrote across Bryyo and plea with any offworlders to save their planet.²* LastOfHisKind: The only Reptilicus science-user to escape the Primal genocide.²* LongLived: Combining science with magic greatly extended his lifespan.²* MagiTek: His Mogenar golems are described as such. It's unknown if the Mogenar fought in the game was one of his creations.²* TheGreatestStoryNeverTold: He and the other surviving Lords of Science saved Bryyo from total extinction by halting the pollution caused by the war. Unfortunately, the climate cleansing machines were mistaken for weapons by the Primal populace, which spurred them on to hunt down and kill all the Science Lords save one.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Prophetess]]²-> Debut: ''VideoGame/MetroidPrime3Corruption''²----²A young Primal who sought out the Last Lord of Science after she had a vision of the Phazon corruption being brought to Bryyo on the Leviathan.²----²* {{Seer}}: She could see the future catastrophe that would come to Bryyo.²* UncertainDoom: While the Last Lord of Science explicitly made a HeroicSacrifice, her fate is more ambiguous. The presence of the various bits of lore (as well as Samus's eventual arrival and response) suggests that the mission he entrusted her with was successful, but how she fared after that is unclear.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Mogenar]]²-> Debut: ''VideoGame/MetroidPrime3Corruption''²[[quoteright:350:]]²----²A Reptilicus war machine corrupted into serving as a guardian to the Bryyo Phazon seed.²----²* ArtificialIntelligence: While not stated directly in the game, it can be seen showing emotion while fighting (roaring, laughing), hinting that it may have some intelligence.²* AttackItsWeakPoint: The four sockets it places spheres into. You have to break the sphere first and then attack the exposed socket before it can load a new sphere in, otherwise it'll heal itself.²* BreathWeapon: One of its attacks is to fire a blue beam from its mouth.²* BullfightBoss: Once you break three of its sockets, it tends to use its charge attack a lot more frequently. [[TacticalSuicideBoss And since it's most likely that the last socket to destroy is the one on its back]]...²* {{Foreshadowing}}: You see many inactive "Mogenar-class" war golems throughout Bryyo, though none of them resemble this Mogenar. A golem strongly resembling this Mogenar can be seen etched into a lore portrait, however.²* {{Expy}}: Hey there, Kraid. You're looking [[BlingOfWar pretty fancy in all that gold and decoration]]. Even his theme sounds similar to Kraid's ''Super Metroid'' and ''Zero Mission'' theme.²* {{Golem}}: A cheapened example, as it is formed from an already living substance, albeit, it was not a motile creature until the golem process set it into action.²* HealingFactor: Its weak points will slowly regenerate if not hit enough, and it can create new ones if you don't destroy them. ²* HomingProjectile: It can fire green holographic hands, called "Hands of Ur" in the concept art, that can home in on Samus.²* IShallTauntYou: When facing Mogenar, it will randomly stop and laugh, possibly at Samus' attempts to defeat it.²* {{Magitek}}: It is hard to tell if it qualifies for it or PostModernMagic; [[ClarkesThirdLaw it could be purely technological, too]], but it's known the Reptilicus did have genuine magic, and some of its attacks do look magical.²* MightyGlacier: Most of its attacks are a bit sluggish, but it's large size and strength make up for it.²* RockMonster: Specifically, living stone grows on Bryyo but it still sits around like stone until the Reptilicus get it moving, as with their war golems.²* SequentialBoss: Constantly changes its tactics as you frustrate it.²* ShockwaveStomp: [[spoiler: Good luck bombing off its shoes!]]²[[/folder]]²²!Alimbic²[[folder:The Alimbic]]²-> Debut: ''VideoGame/MetroidPrimeHunters''²----²An advanced race from the Alimbic Cluster. Once a mighty civilization, they were brought low by the arrival of Gorea.²----²* BenevolentPrecursors: Played with. They focused on science and philosophy, but that was because they were already so militarily powerful nothing posed a threat to them.²* FloatingLimbs: Their heads float above their bodies.²* {{Hubris}}: Self-admittedly, their arrogance at their strength led them to overconfidence, something that they paid for dearly when Gorea arrived.²* OrganicTechnology: They were extremely adept at biotechnology. ²* StarfishLanguage: Nothing compared to the Luminoth's, but Samus's suit is unable to translate it.²* StrangeSalute: They hold their left hand up vertically in front of their chests.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Cretaphid]]²-> Debut: ''VideoGame/MetroidPrimeHunters''²----²Cylindrical defense drones created by the alimbics. Four different models are encountered over the course of ''Hunters''.²----²* AllYourPowersCombined: The third model has the weapons of both the first and second models. The fourth has both as well, with the added bonus of mobility.²* AttackItsWeakPoint: The weapons nodules must be targeted when they glow blue to make it expose its core, the only vulnerable part of the machine.²* FrickinLaserBeams: Used by all but the second model.²* HomingProjectile: The plasma projectiles used by all models after the first.²* MoreDakka: Each has several rings of weapons that fire nearly constantly.²* RammingAlwaysWorks: The fourth models zips around the room like a heavily armed roomba, slamming into Samus with abandon.²* RecurringBoss: Four are fought throughout the game.²* StationaryBoss: All but the fourth model.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Slench]]²-> Debut: ''VideoGame/MetroidPrimeHunters''²----²Alimbic mechanoids that resemble eyeballs. Four different models are encountered over the course of ''Hunters''.²----²* AttackItsWeakPoint: The synapses connecting them to the walls must be targeted before the slench becomes vulnerable.²* BeTheBall: The fourth model occasionally rolls around the floor when detached like a deranged boulder as an attack.²* CeilingCling: Sort of. The fourth version is attached to the ceiling rather than a wall, which makes for a surprise when Samus walks in. ²* CyberCyclops: Not hard to see them as this, considering they're primarily composed of a single giant eye.²* EyeBeam: Their weapons fire out of their eye.²* {{Foreshadowing}}: Nothing gets you more ready for Gorea's first phase more than the slenches.²* InterfaceScrew: The electrical attacks of the third model scramble Samus's visor.²* KillItWithFire: The second model uses molten magma as a weapon.²* KillItWithIce: The fourth version is armed with supercooled plasma that can freeze Samus in place.²* KryptoniteFactor: Each version after the first is weak to a specific weapon. The second is weak to the Judicator, the third is weak to the Battlehammer, and the fourth is weak to the Magmaul.²* MultiformBalance: They can be either immobile and invulnerable or flying and heavily armed, cycling between these two as the battle goes on.²* PoisonousPerson: All are armed with venom torpedoes.²* RecurringBoss: Samus fights four over the course of ''Hunters''.²* StationaryBoss: At first. Damaging their connections will cause them to detach and float around, during which they're vulnerable until they reattach.²* TurnsRed: When detached, they move faster the lower their health is.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Guardians]]²-> Debut: ''VideoGame/MetroidPrimeHunters''²----²Robotic warriors of the alimbics, activated to defend their holdings and retrieve any stolen octoliths.²----²* ArmlessBiped: Their design.²* BoomHeadshot: Just like the hunters, they take extra damage from being shot in the head. Just so you know, their eyes are ''not'' their heads.²* CyberCyclops: They only have one eye.²* EliteMooks: They're the most dangerous of the alimbic's machines that aren't guarding an octolith. Each is armed with an affinity weapon, they have exceptional mobility, and they attack in groups.²* EyeBeams: Their weapons built into their eyes, so...²* KryptoniteFactor: Guardians are weak to the opposite of the affinity weapon they wield. As a quick rundown, the [[KillItWithIce Judicator]] is the opposite of the [[KillItWithFire Magmaul]], the [[AtomicHate Battlehammer]] is the opposite of the [[HighVoltageDeath Volt Driver]], and the [[ArtisticLicensePhysics Shock Coil]] is the opposite of the [[FrickinLaserBeams Imperialist]], while the Missile Launcher has no opposite.²* PowerCopying: Guardians are each equipped with one of the affinity weapons. Presumably these were built into them by the ones who crated the weapons Samus can collect throughout the game, but they serve the function of mimicking the hunters.²* WallCrawl: They can walk on walls and ceilings, but they don't use this in a fight.²[[/folder]]²²!Other²[[folder:Etecoons and Dachoras]]²-> Debut: ''VideoGame/SuperMetroid''²²[[quoteright:240:]] ²[[caption-width-right:240:Left: Dachoras (Adult and Infant). Right: Etecoons.]]²----²A group of friendly aliens introduced in ''VideoGame/SuperMetroid'', who taught Samus how to use the wall jump and Shinespark features of her power suit and Speed Booster.²----²* AlienAnimals: The Etecoons are effectively alien monkeys with [[YouGottaHaveBlueHair green/blue]] fur with a capacity for wall-jumping, and the Dachora is a bipedal alien ostrich that can run as fast as Samus can with her Speed Booster. They're implied to be {{Intelligent Gerbil}}s, as well, [[spoiler:as they are capable of piloting spacecraft, both to escape Zebes and to save Samus.]]²* ChekhovsGunman: They reappear in ''VideoGame/MetroidFusion'', having avoided being infected by the X parasites, and get allowed on Samus' gunship by Adam. [[spoiler: After the final boss, they rescue Samus by piloting her gunship.]]²* {{Sidequest}}: If you deviate off the beaten path in ''Super'' [[spoiler:while Zebes is exploding]] to go back to the room where the Bombs were acquired, the Dachora and Etecoons are trapped inside. Shoot out the opposite wall to make an escape route for them and it very slightly changes the ending.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:N'kren and Ylla]]²-> Debut: ''VideoGame/MetroidPrime2Echoes'' (scan lore only)²----²Two advanced races said to have been in close contact with the Chozo, the Luminoth, and the Reptilicus.²----²* CrypticBackgroundReference: Their briefly referenced names in scan lore are all we know about them.²[[/folder]]


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