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1These are the members of ''Manga/FairyTail'' the guild, not the series itself, that have additional tropes not shown, in place of, or in addition to their canon counterparts. For more details go [[Characters/FairyTailStrongestTeam here]] [[Characters/FairyTailSiriusTeam here]] and [[Characters/FairyTailOtherFairyTailMembers here]].\²\²A character should only be added to this page if there is a trope in the fanfic that isn't in canon [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment as mentioned above]].²²----²²!! Alzack Connell²²A sharpshooter that uses guns magic. He is married to Bisca. ²²* BetterToDieThanBeKilled: [[spoiler:Rather than let Donald Dulcinea use him as a [[PeoplePuppets puppet]] and force Bisca to make a SadisticChoice of watching Alzack kill himself or sabotage Fairy Tail's mission, Alzack pulls the trigger himself. Fortunately this gets subverted as there was a heal bullet in the firing chamber, allowing Alzack to live, but he and Bisca didn't know that would happen]].²²!! Bickslow²²A member of the thunder tribe. He constantly wears a mask to cover his eyes and has an abnormally large tongue.²²* PyrrhicVictory: His victory over Hawk leaves him so injured he's unconscious for most of the battle.²* TookALevelInBadass: Winds up being part of the S-class exams himself rather than simply being Freed's partner. ²²!! Bisca Mulan/Connell²²A gunslinger that differs from Alzack in that she uses requip. [[spoiler:She is also the 4th guild master of Fairy Tail]].²²* BerserkButton: She did not take kindly to Jagged Bone's guild master making fun of her baby bump [[GroinAttack to say the least]].²* BerserkerTears: When she thinks [[spoiler:Alzack is dead]]. See NoBodyLeftBehind below.²* CurbStompBattle: Three times in the same chapter, Bisca is on the giving end of this. Once to [[spoiler:Twilight Ogre]] for trying to drive Fairy Tail out of Magnolia, once to Macao [[spoiler:for questioning her self-proclaimed role as 4th guild master]] and once to Jagged Bone for insulting her pregnant state. ²* GroinAttack: Bisca delivers a particularly painful one to the guild master of Jagged Bone by firing a grenade as his gonads. To be fair, he had just hit her BerserkButton.²* NoBodyLeftBehind: Bisca [[spoiler:obliterates Donald Dulcinea with the below WaveMotionGun because she thinks Alzack is dead]].²* PregnantBadass: Briefly. Bisca defeated 19 dark mages singlehandedly while 4 months pregnant with Asuka. ²* RousingSpeech: She delivers one to Fairy Tail to keep them from losing heart after the incident on Tenrou Island [[spoiler:and after appointing herself guild master]].²* SadisticChoice: Presented one by Donald Dulcinea. [[spoiler:Bisca would either watch Alzack die via shooting himself or she had to sabotage Fairy Tail's mission. Alzack nobly [[TakeAThirdOption took a]] [[TearJerker third]] [[BetterToDieThanBeKilled option]]]].²* TookALevelInBadass: Sheriff Bisca Connell [[spoiler:Fourth Guild Master]] of Fairy Tail.²** As of X791, members of her guild have taken to saying that she's become the equivalent of Erza with guns.²* WaveMotionGun: She's given one of these by Ryumia.²* WhatWouldXDo: With Erza missing given the events on Tenrou Island, Bisca does her best to channel the red head's ability to keep everyone in line and act tough [[spoiler:so that she can be the best guild master she can be. It's gotten to the point that, when everyone who went to Tenrou came back 6 years later, she's described as basically Erza but with guns.]]²²!! Elfman Strauss²²Middle child of the Strauss siblings whose magic Takeover: Beast Soul.²²* RatedMForManly: His battle with Jeremiah is the epitome of this trope outside of Fighting Spirit.²* TookALevelInBadass: In his fight with Jeremiah he shows new Takeovers, Werewolf and [[NoSell Mage Hunter]] Werewolf.²** And in chapter 230 he shows a new Takeover to help Lisanna and Miala fight [[spoiler:Bismarck]]: the Lightning Reptilian of Destruction Limegre. ²²!! Erza Scarlet[[spoiler:-Knightwalker]]²²Fairy Tail's proud Fairy Queen. Legendary requip mage. [[spoiler:Member of the Knightwalker bloodline. Sixth Guild Master of Fairy Tail]]. [[spoiler:After the Guild War arc, once Fairy Tail and Knightmare Frame regain their status, she's invited to the Ten Wizard Saints alongside Jellal and Kagura.]]²²* AllYourPowersCombined:[[spoiler: Erza's new Sixth Master Armor provides her with the ability to call upon the power, in spirit, of Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Juvia, Laxus, and Mirajane. Each one provides her with their respective element of Fire, Light, Ice, Water, Lightning, and Darkness in addition to other bonuses based upon fighting styles and personality traits. She can mix and match or use all six at once]].²* AwesomeMomentOfCrowning: [[spoiler:In chapter 212 she's officially made 6th Master of Fairy Tail.]]²* BattleCouple: [[spoiler:With Lelouch]].²* BerserkButton: While the usual canon buttons still apply, harming Lelouch seems to bring this UpToEleven to the point that Erza gets [[LeeroyJenkins irrational]] when he's been significantly injured.²* BerserkerTears: In chapter 86, Erza has these when she finds out that [[spoiler:Morianna killed her parents and set fire to Rosemary Village ''just'' to get at Erza]]²* BrutalHonesty: She doesn't hold any word back when telling Jellal [[spoiler:his mother sold him into slavery.]]²* CovertPervert: Now we can add "writes erotic fiction of [[RealPersonFic people she knows]]" to the list.²* DefeatMeansFriendship: Of a sort. Lyn certainly seems to warm up to her a little after Erza defeats her.²* DefiantToTheEnd: Even when it becomes ''increasingly clear'' that Erza [[spoiler:can't beat Sean Exodus]], she sticks to her guns even to the point where her body won't move and she can do no more than give a DeathGlare. {{Determinator}} indeed.²* {{FOIL}}: To Lyn Kurosame, who acts much like Erza did before the Tower of Heaven and [[NotSoDifferent whose similar backstory]] [[BrokenBird of betrayal]] shows another road Erza might have taken if she had not found Fairy Tail.²* GetAHoldOfYourselfMan: Does this to Natsu after his HeroicBSOD in the Black Knights arc.²** She has another moment of this trope to Lelouch in chapter 253 when he's having yet another HeroicBSOD.²* GoldenSuperMode: Her fic created Midsummer Night's Star armor is solid gold and uses golden based energy attacks and solid gold weaponry.²** Taken UpToEleven with [[spoiler:Marianne's Sun Lion Armor, which reduces all of the damage Erza receives from magic attacks down to 10% effectiveness]].²*** Subverted on this one as of chapter 236 given [[spoiler:the Sun Lion Armor was destroyed by Acnologia and can't be repaired]].²* GuysSmashGirlsShoot: Inverted with her and Lelouch.²* HeIsNotMyBoyfriend: Says this practically verbatim to Airy regarding Lelouch. [[spoiler:Not so true now though ever since chapter 147]].²* HeroicSacrifice: [[spoiler:Subverted at the last possible second. Erza comes close to pulling this trope in the guild war arc when it looks like [[TheHero Lelouch]], [[TheRival Suzaku]], and [[ArcVillain VV]] are all going to be obliterated by Acnologia. While it's mostly for Lelouch's sake, Erza jumps in front of the attack and puts on her most defensive armor, the Sun Lion Armor, to mitigate the damage caused by the attack, but it breaks and shatters against Acnologia's might. If Irene hadn't shown up and healed her, this trope would've been played straight as an arrow]].²* HeroicSafeMode: Erza does this throughout most of chapter 92. Lelouch's being PutOnABus, piled onto [[spoiler:killing Morianna]], doesn't seem to bother her at first, but then [[spoiler:Lelouch doesn't send anything on time during their friendship anniversary, causing Erza to almost completely cross into full [[HeroicBSOD BSOD]]. She gets better after a pep talk from Jellal, but it takes seeing Lelouch again to completely snap her out of her funk]].²* HonorBeforeReason: Erza opts out against killing [[spoiler:Morianna]] because even though [[spoiler:Morianna killed her parents]] killing her would go against everything Erza stood for. [[spoiler:Though this doesn't stop Erza from them being forced to kill Morianna in self-defense when she's then attacked for being so foolish as to not finish off an enemy]].²* ImprobableWeaponUser: Using the fanfic created "Armor of the Titan", Erza uproots ''an entire tree'' and uses it to bash werewolves over the head in the Unistrad arc.²* ItsNotYouItsMyEnemies: She won't admit to Lelouch how she feels about him until she feels she has the power to protect him from all variants of harm.²** [[spoiler:After chapter 147, when he confesses his feelings to her, Erza, after being gone for six years, decides to let Lelouch in before she loses him to someone else]].²* ItsPersonal: Her fights with Sabine and Morianna are this. [[spoiler:The former is Jellal's psychopathic mother, the latter is responsible for killing Erza's parents and burning Rosemary village]].²* LongLostRelative: [[spoiler:Nivea Feathermane]].²* MidSeasonUpgrade: After returning from Tenrou Island not only Lelouch introduces her to Priscilla Starkwing, Fiore's best smith, who agrees to repair her armors and even give her an original one, but also gives her [[spoiler:Marianne's armors]] for the Grand Magic Games.²** And in chapter 221 Priscilla Starkwing gives a brand new armor [[spoiler:to celebrate her ascension as guild master]] that allows her to use and combine the techniques of her closest friends.²* MoralityChain: To Jellal. He’ll do ‘good’ as long as she’s around to keep him in line. [[spoiler:Look how far he went off the deep end when he thought she’d been killed. Thankfully Lelouch put him in his place]].²* NotSoDifferent: From Lyn Kurosame. Both are powerful swordswomen, both of them bottle up their emotions inside them and don't want their respective guilds to see their weakness and both have had tragic pasts of betrayal. The big difference is that when they both looked into the abyss, Lyn blinked.²* OOCIsSeriousBusiness: Her interactions with Lelouch derive this reaction from others. Granted Lelouch acts a little different too, but for Erza it's more significant because normally she ''does not laugh''. She also [[WhenSheSmiles smiles]] more often around Lelouch.²* OurHeroIsDead: [[spoiler:In chapter 235, Erza jumps in front an attack launched by Acnologia and is put in a very long, drawn out death scene at the start of the next chapter ''with no author's notes in between''. If not for Irene showing up, this trope would be [[TheHeroDies something else]] [[HeroicSacrifice entirely]]]].²* PetTheDog: In chapter 89, she forces Cana to give back a piece of cake to [[spoiler:Sindel]]. Granted Cana won it fair and square, but it's clear squabbles over cake make for a rather angry Erza.²* PunctuatedPounding: She does this when facing down Dark Lord Sabine the second time telling her [[spoiler:never to bring up Jellal in front of her again, likely due to the fact that Margaret lost all right to speak his name in Erza's eyes [[MadeASlave because of what she did to him]]]].²* RelationshipUpgrade: As of chapter 147 [[spoiler:Erza and Lelouch are officially dating]].²* RoaringRampageOfRevenge: Her battle with Morianna since she [[spoiler:killed her parents and burned her village]].²* SwordAndSorcerer: The sword to Lelouch's sorcerer.²* TakingTheBullet: Bullet, in this case, is a giant blue blast launched by Acnologia and aimed directly at her love interest, [[spoiler:which almost costs Erza her life]].²* UnstoppableRage: Goes completely mental when she sees Lelouch get thrown through a wall and ultimately beats the crap out of Draco Markov, his attacker.²** Her rage goes UpToEleven when she faces down Morianna. See BerserkerTears above.²* ViolentlyProtectiveGirlfriend: Someone makes a death threat at Lelouch in chapter 167. Erza punches him out cold.²* WhatTheHellHero: Calls Lelouch out for [[spoiler:murdering Councilor Angelshark. Turns out it wasn't actually him, but Erza had every reason to believe it was]].²* WorthyOpponent: She remarks that the wounds she receives from Lyn during their battle are a testament of Lyn's skill as a fighter. ²²!! Evergreen ²²A member of the thunder tribe with a [[VainSorceress bit of an attitude]].²²* BigShutUp: Gives one to Airy when the latter keeps [[DiggingYourselfDeeper making things worse for everyone]] [[InnocentlyInsensitive by inadvertently insulting]] Rustyrose. ²* ButtMonkey: Evergreen has been humiliated on multiple occassions, up to and including finding out that she's ''technically'' the weakest female mage in Fairy Tail that matters.²* TookALevelInBadass: Is an actual participant in the S-class exams, rather than simply being Elfman's partner²²!! Freed Justine²The NumberTwo of the Thunder Tribe and a very skilled script mage.²²* AccidentalPervert: [[spoiler:He walked on a naked Airy and Loki having sex, [[FromBadToWorse and then Mirajane showed up.]]]]²* BiTheWay: He has expressed attraction to both males and females²* OnlySaneMan: Between Airy's ditziness, Evergreen's [[ItsAllAboutMe desperate need]] [[AttentionWhore for recognition]] and [[CreepyGood Bickslow]], he's stuck in this position by default.²* ShesNotMyGirlfriend: He doesn't like it when people imply he's attracted to Airy.²²!! Gajeel Redfox²²A former member of Phantom Lord. He is an Iron Dragon Slayer. [[spoiler:As of chapter 150, he has upgraded to a Heavy Metal dragon slayer, which is the combination of the two elements Iron and Sound]].²²* AbsurdlySharpBlade: [[spoiler:Heavy Metal Blade, which uses vibratory sound magic on top of Gajeel's iron sword, allowing him to cut through anything with ease]].²* BattleCouple: [[spoiler:Even if he won't admit it, it was Levy's quick thinking that allowed him to bring Past!Metallicana back to his senses.]]²* CallingTheOldManOut: [[spoiler:He does this to both Edolas!Metallicana and Past!Metallicana.]]²²!! Gildarts Clive²²Fairy Tail's strongest mage aside from Makarov. Wields the destructive crash magic. Fairy Tail's 5th Guild Master.²²* AmusingInjuries: In chapter 223, Gildarts provokes the wrath of several female characters including [[FieryRedhead Chandra]], [[BadassGay Nonette]], [[AnIcePerson Ultear]] and [[LadyOfWar Cornelia]]. He ends up with bullet holes, stab wounds, frozen appendages and Miala's halberd [[AssShove shoved up his ass]]. Nonette says [[MadeOfIron he'll be fine by morning]].²* DidNotGetTheGirl: An...interesting case. While fans of Manga/FairyTail know that Gildarts did eventually get married [[spoiler:and have Cana]] Nessa's backstory reveals that the two of them were once a thing, but Gildarts' [[TheCasanova behavior]] wound up having Nessa dump his ass [[spoiler:and she wound up marrying Ivan]]. [[SarcasmMode Smart decision in hindsight]].²* PowerGivesYouWings: Once he starts using greater power of crash magic, it gives him the ability to fly.²* RedBaron: Subverted. Despite being Fairy Tail's ace, he notices that he doesn't have any cool nickname and asks Lelouch to come up with one.²* VerbThis: When Lelouch says to Gildarts that he always errs on the side of caution, Gildarts says "Caution this" and proceeds to beat up the Kaiser Hydra King that was giving Erza trouble.²²!! Gray Fullbuster²²An ice-mage that has a stripping problem. He is Natsu's rival.²²* BerserkButton: He has developed one that Sting presses: Saying he's inferior in skill to [[TheRival Natsu]].²* BigShutUp: Gives one to Juvia, Meredy and Ultear at the exact same time during the Tenrou Island arc because he couldn't hear himself think.²* RelationshipUpgrade: [[spoiler:He and Juvia are now dating]].²* TheReasonYouSuckSpeech: Gives one to Natsu [[spoiler:during their fight]] in chapter 233. ²* TookALevelInBadass: Par for the course for a member of Fairy Tail, but Gray [[spoiler:is now an ice god slayer]] before the Grand Magic Games. ²²!! Happy²²An exceed that Natsu and Lisanna found as an egg. He is Natsu's partner and best friend. ²²* BigDamnHeroes: When Natsu is free falling out of the air, Happy nabs him before he hits the ground. While this doesn't seem out of the ordinary, Happy was unconscious prior to saving Natsu so most readers might not have anticipated the save.²** He and Arthur save Natsu and Kallen this way at the end of the Guild War.²²!! Juvia Lockser²²A former member of Phantom Lord that has a huge crush on Gray. She's a water mage.²²* FeminineWomenCanCook: [[ItMakesSenseInContext When she and Gray are living together in Gildarts' summer home]], Juvia cooks every morning and makes Gray a huge buffet spread. [[spoiler:This is partly the reason she gets a relationship upgrade because [[ThroughHisStomach Gray misses her cooking when she leaves the abode]]]].²* NoGoodDeedGoesUnpunished: She does the friendly thing and helps Stella Freegate move her hair out of her eyes and find her glasses for her. She gets ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice for her troubles as Stella is a member of Grimoire Heart. Fortunately, Juvia's body is mostly incorporeal so she shrugs it off. Still though, ouch.²* SixthRanger: She and Lisanna share this role in Natsu's group [[spoiler:in the absence of Wendy]].²* RelationshipUpgrade: [[spoiler:She is finally with her Gray-sama]].²²!! Laxus Dreyar²²Makarov's grandson and a second generation lightning dragon slayer. His father is Ivan Dreyar the guild master of Raven Tail. [[spoiler:His mother is Nessa Revenati, guild master of Serpent's Heart]].²²* AmazinglyEmbarrassingParents: [[spoiler:After finally admitting in public Nessa is his mother, she embarrasses him after congratulating him for defeating Anya using Serpent's Second Skin and Fairy Law.]] ²* AnIcePerson: [[spoiler:While fighting a lightning dragon, at Airy's suggestion, he ingests a magical icicle, making it his second element.]]²* BashBrothers: With Natsu when they team up against Isamu.²* DefeatMeansFriendship: After his battle with Azuma, he and Laxus reach an understanding of sorts because Azuma is the only one to acknowledge Laxus as a person rather than as Makarov's grandson.²* EvenBadMenLoveTheirMamas: Laxus appears to have nothing, but respect for his mother [[spoiler:Nessa Revenati]] given what little time we've seen them interact. At the very least he does seem to always listen to her without argument and when he was exiled from Fairy Tail [[spoiler:he went to Serpent's Heart, her guild, for guidance]].²* LetsGetDangerous: During his fight with Azuma, Laxus busts out [[spoiler:Dragon Force]] by unleashing the power from within his lachryma. Apparently Nessa taught him how. ²* RelationshipUpgrade: In chapter 220 [[spoiler:he and Mirajane hook up]].²* UnexpectedCharacter: No one probably expected him to appear in the Edolas arc since he was banished from Fairy Tail by Makarov at that point. Not only does he return with Nessa Revanati in tow--whom he appears to have a history with--but he's actually helping out.²²!! Lisanna Strauss²²Natsu's former girlfriend and the younger sister to both Elfman and Mirajane.²²* AnIcePerson: Her new Fenrir soul lets her use the beast's ice magic. ²* JumpedAtTheCall: Much in contrast to canon, Lisanna opts to go ''with'' Natsu to save Edolas rather than pretending to be the Edolas Lisanna.²* KillerRabbit: Her squirrel takeover.²* SayingTooMuch: During the Tenrou Island arc she tends to say the wrong things during her fight with Cinderella.²* SixthRanger: She and Juvia share this role in Natsu's group [[spoiler:in the absence of Wendy]].²* TookALevelInBadass: Besides just gaining Fenrir's soul with her takeover, Lisanna is a direct participant in the S-class exams on Tenrou Island rather than simply being someone's partner.²* YourApprovalFillsMeWithShame: When Natsu tells her that she's not a stick in the mud like Lucy, Lisanna remarks to herself that she should be happy Natsu is complimenting her, but she doesn't want THIS compliment.²²!! Loke/Leo²²A celestial spirit and one of the strongest. He used to be a regular member of Fairy Tail because he forcibly stayed in the human realm for years. After the celestial spirit king forgave him for his sins, he's now returned to his home in the celestial spirit realm and is summonable by Lucy.²²* LetsGetDangerous: He takes off his glasses when truly serious.²* LoveAtFirstSight: Towards Airy.²²!! Lucy Heartfillia²²The sole heir the Heartfillia Konzern and the canon series' main character. She often has to be the [[OnlySaneMan only sane person around]].²²* BreakTheCutie: [[spoiler:Being completely powerless to defy Roxanne when she claims she will defeat and kill Natsu, knowing neither she nor anyone in her guild can stop her, makes her break down crying.]]²* {{Determinator}}: When infiltrating Grimoire Heart's airship to destroy the Devil's Heart, Lucy winds up getting her arm blasted by Sabine, suffers significant pain to pull a lever to deactivate a barrier that guards the Devil's Heart, and then gets electrocuted by Sabine all in the process of trying to locate and destroy the Devil's Heart herself. [[spoiler:Ultimately she succeeds]].²* {{Foil}}: To, strangely, Kalina Atrumier. Lucy is blonde, upbeat and cheerful, comes from a rich family, her mother is no more, draws her power from a celestial realm, is a medium-tier fighter in a top-tier guild, and she has daddy issues. Kalina, by comparison, is brunette, stoic and subdued, lives in a swamp, she rarely gets to see her father, she draws her power from a rather nightmarish place, she's a high-tier fighter in a much lesser known guild, and she has [[MyBelovedSmother mommy issues]].²* HolyHandGrenade: Thanks to Ratatosk's advice and Loke's training she manages to use the technique [[DifficultButAwesome Ain Soph Aur]], which serves as a FinishingMove when she has enough time to cast it.²* LittleBitBeastly: [[spoiler:During the Unistrad arc, Lucy gets bitten and starts [[OurWerewolvesAreDifferent turning into a werewolf]]. Thankfully she gets restored by the end of the arc]].²* MissedTheCall: On the day that the Edolas arc starts, Lucy is at the Magic Council [[spoiler:obtaining Angel's keys since they've been processed and are safe for her to use]] so she doesn't participate in the arc.²* NoSell: Turns out her Astral Dresses make her immune to demons' Curses.²* ThisIsGonnaSuck: Her reaction when realizing she has to fight Lisanna, after she had fought Airy and Evergreen.²* TookALevelInBadass: Due to the inopportune timing of the Sindel arc, Lucy has an entire year to improve her skills as a mage before the Tenrou Island arc to the point where she's an actual participant rather than someone's partner. ²** By the Guild War arc not only she has become much more confident, she also has access to her Astral Dresses. [[spoiler:She even defeats Adrian Bluecorn, a Major General of the Rune Knights.]] ²* UnderestimatingBadassery: She considers [[CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass Airy]] too stupid to remember how to tie her own shoelaces and yet Airy takes out Virgo, Capricorn and Aries during their fight during the S-class exams.²* WorthyOpponent: Lelouch considers her this in chess after beating her at a game.²* WrestlerInAllOfUs: She performs a Lucy Suplex on Sabine. ²²!! Makarov Dreyar²²Fairy Tail's third guild master. Legendary wielder of titan magic and Fairy Law.²²* HeartbrokenBadass: [[spoiler:In the span of a few months he finds out his son is dead and his old friend and wife die with him being unable to do anything.]]²* RetiredBadass: As of chapter 147, Makarov officially decides to retire, but only on the condition that he'll [[spoiler:train Erza to become the 6th guild master of Fairy Tail]].²* PassingTheTorch: [[spoiler:In chapter 212 not only he retires from active mage duty, he and Gildarts officially make Erza 6th master of Fairy Tail.]]²* SecretKeeper: [[spoiler:He deduced Lelouch was Zero after Marianne's sacrifice.]]²²!! Mavis Vermillion²²The founder and first guild master of Fairy Tail. She is also Lelouch and Nunnally's great-grandmother on Charles' side. [[spoiler:In contrast to canon, Mavis was supposedly cured of the Ansekram curse by Morrigan--WordOfGod is that it had yet to enter its complete stage and therefore was curable--and lived to have a husband and child. She died at a much later age, but also to mysterious circumstances]].²²* OcularGushers: When [[spoiler:Sindel]] loses her fight in the Grand Magic Games, Mavis' tears are described to be like this.²* StrangeMindsThinkAlike: She has some odd knowledge, such as knowing that snails make terrible shoelaces. The only one who also thought of that: Airy.²²!! Mirajane Strauss²²Erza's rival and Lisanna and Elfman's older sister. She's generally chipper and nice and often tends the bar at Fairy Tail.²²* AThreesomeIsHot: [[spoiler:She proposes one to Erza and Lelouch after finding out they had sex, although Erza refuses to share.]]²* BrainwashedAndCrazy: At the end of chapter 41, though she does get better by the end of the arc.²** EvilLaugh: [[spoiler:After becoming the above she utilizes one of these]].²* GetAHoldOfYourselfMan: She tells this to Jenny when fighting a poison dragon.²* LetsGetDangerous: During her battle with Tetsuo, Mirajane stops being afraid of her own power and busts out Sitri.²* OddFriendship: She befriends Ratatoskr while training in the Demon Realm.²* OneWingedAngel: [[spoiler:Her Miraelzabella form lets Mira's demon half to take full control of her, barely counting as human anymore.]]²** [[spoiler:The desperation of being unable to beat Roxanne and protect her siblings makes her unleash her oldest and most powerful Takeover, Satan Soul: Belial.]]²* RelationshipUpgrade: In chapter 220 [[spoiler:she and Laxus hook up]].²* TheMentor: To Kallen²²!! Natsu Dragneel²²The other main protagonist of Manga/FairyTail. He is a fire dragon slayer. [[spoiler:He is also the younger sibling to Morrigan and Zeref...or perhaps not. It's been established by the author, and by a flashback, that this Natsu is different from canon Natsu, meaning that END is still out there somewhere]]. ²²* AchievementsInIgnorance: During his training with [[WeDOTheImpossible Fighting Spirit]] he came up with a Reverse Lightning Mode by forcing his magic circuits to make lightning his dominant magic. Erza points out he could have killed himself by doing that.²* BashBrothers: With Laxus when the two are teamed up against Isamu.²* CassandraTruth: Played with in regards to the fact that [[spoiler:Morrigan and CC are the same person]]. We, the audience know this to be true, but Natsu has yet to confirm it 100% and is incapable of convincing Lelouch of all people to believe him. Granted, it's [[IdiotHero Natsu]], [[DumbassHasAPoint but he makes a strong case]] as to trying to prove what the audience already knows.²* CharacterDevelopment: While he remains the same lovable idiot we all know, thanks to the experiences throughout the story he has become more mature, self-aware of his own limitations and less childishly reckless. Lucy and Lisanna notice the change.²* DumbassHasAPoint: While Natsu isn't exactly unintelligent to begin with, he's not usually the one to come up with good ideas. So everyone just stares for a moment when, upon the metaphorical feces hitting the rotary blades in the Unistrad arc, he suggests visiting [[ReasonableAuthorityFigure Mayor Avrabruck]] rather than going near the creepy, ruined citadel.²** See CassandraTruth above.²* FutureBadass: [[spoiler:His future self from Mordred's timeline not only is seventh Master of Fairy Tail, he's Wizard Saint Number 1!]]²* HeroicBSOD: Natsu completely shatters to the point of ''not moving at all for an entire day'' after he [[spoiler:fails to protect Rushio Seam]].²** He gets a second one [[spoiler:after Roxanne thoroughly wastes him]] two chapters after the fact when it finally starts to sink in just how powerful Tartaros truly is.²* ItsAllAboutMe: Has moments of this in the Oracion Seis arc where he wants to have the spotlight, but it keeps being given to side characters.²* ItsPersonal: His second fight with Emma Jaeger who is the antithesis of everything he stands for as a dragon slayer and as a mage.²* NoJustNoReaction: When he finds out [[{{Squick}} exactly what it is]] [[SexSlave Emma wants to do to him]].²* OOCIsSeriousBusiness: Natsu is so [[HeroicBSOD upset]] by [[spoiler:his failure to protect Rushio Seam]] that not only does he not show up to Fairy Tail for work the following day, despite it being pretty clear he's flat broke at the moment, but Lisanna, Lucy, Erza ''and'' Gray all show up at his house to see if he's okay the next morning. And then the latter two of the four give him [[GetAHoldOfYourselfMan a serious talking to]].²** Suzaku reacts this way towards Natsu attacking Era during the guild war to test the strength of the upper echelon of the Rune Knights and then ''[[KnowWhenToFoldThem promptly retreating]]''. Suzaku notes how unlike Natsu this is and wonders why he would do that in the first place. Even Lucy is surprised by the amount of intelligence Natsu displays with this action.²* SuperMode: Besides Dragon Force and Lightning Flame Mode he has [[spoiler:a Blue Flame Mode, and obtains other upgrades throughout the series, such as his Flameless Mode, White Flame Mode and, in Mordred's timeline, [[GoldenSuperMode Golden Flame Mode]].]]²* YouRemindMeOfX: The people he meets in Seven say he bears a striking resemblance to [[WorldsStrongestWoman Roxanne]].²²!! Airy Kitsune²²The client that drives the plot for the Sindel Arc. She is [[TheDitz ditzy as a pole]]. She also appears to be a NineTailedFox. Formerly a member of Black Nexus. She joins Fairy Tail at the end of the Sindel arc. ²²* AttentionDeficitOohShiny: Is about to tell everyone who "Dartzy" is [[spoiler:it's Gildarts]] only to get distracted by cotton candy.²* BirdsOfAFeather: She and Phoenix Grave's Nancy bond over their [[StrangeMindsThinkALike similar thought processes]] almost immediately after meeting each other.²* BringMyBrownPants: Airy pees herself in terror at the sight of one of Kalina's nightmares, [[RefugeInAudacity and then she tries to pawn them off]] knowing there's a market for it.²* CharmPerson: Her Eyes of Bewitching can inflict this type of behavior on others, though it's more she forces people to [[DistractedByTheSexy want her]]. Interestingly enough, much like is the case with [[Manga/OnePiece Boa Hancock]] she requires that the target have ''some'' semblance of physical attraction towards her, which makes it rather telling that it worked on [[IdiotHero Natsu]], enough to temporarily overwrite his motion sickness. At the same time, it's also very telling that [[NotDistractedByTheSexy it didn't last very long]]. ²* CloudCuckooLander: Some of Airy's more...ridiculous antics stem from this trope. Like [[RefugeInAudacity selling her pee stained panties in the middle of a crowded coliseum]].²* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass: Airy isn't nearly as incompetent [[TheDitz as she]] [[HowDoIShotWeb behaves]]. ²* DistractedByTheSexy: She does this both intentionally and unintentionally.²* TheDitz: UpToEleven. Listing every example of how much of an airhead she is would take all day. Some of her moments are so stupid, they're FacePalm worthy. If she had blonde hair she'd classify as a bimbo.²* FantasticArousal: Her ears are very sensitive.²* HealingHands: She has a spell called Laying of the Hands, which can heal wounds. ²* HowDoIShotWeb: Airy has to keep a "Beginners Guide to Spirit Magic" that's essentially a basic textbook on the magic [[VictoriasSecretCompartment abr]][[{{Pun}} east]] because she sometimes [[TheDitz forgets how it works]]. ''[[UpToEleven And that's her main magic]]''.²** This isn't just an InformedAbility either, Airy is actually shown [[AllThereInTheManual consulting her book]] during a battle with a young hydra in chapter 92. Amusingly, even when doing so [[IdiotSavant she's still competent enough to remain out of danger]].²* IdiotSavant: Airy is TheDitz and ''[[HowDoIShotWeb forgets how her own magic works]] enough that she keeps a book on how it works in [[VictoriasSecretCompartment her cleavage]]'', but she has enough skill to beat Freed in a fight.²** And apparently, since she's not ObfuscatingStupidity, it also means that she's talented enough to steal onto Grimoire Heart's airship and steal something from Hades right under the old man's nose.²* InnocentFanserviceGirl: She skirts between this and ShamelessFanserviceGirl.²* InnocentlyInsensitive: During the Aftermath arc, Airy, while helping a [[HeroicSafeMode traumatized Erza]] to relax, she accidentally brings up the mail, the source of Erza's distress, ruining all of hers and Levy's hard work, though mostly Levy's.²** During the Tenrou Island arc, she keeps insulting and making honest observations about Rustyrose's WarriorPoet nature, not realizing [[BerserkButton the damage]] [[NotSoStoic it's]] [[UnstoppableRage causing]]. It's to the point where Rustyrose threatens to have [[{{Dominatrix}} Emma]] [[BreakTheCutie break Airy]] until she's a [[SexSlave pet for his amusement]]. It doesn't help that Sabine kind of already stepped all over his behavior back in chapter 89. ²* LittleBitBeastly: Fox ears and a tail.²* LoveAtFirstSight: Towards Loke.²* MassiveNumberedSiblings: [[spoiler:In the dark timeline she has eight children with Freed. Given [[MsFanservice who she is]] at present and [[ReallyGetsAround implications]] about her, the number isn't that surprising, what is surprising is the fact they were all conceived over a nine year period.]] ²* MeaningfulName: The author named her Airy cause she's [[TheDitz an air head]]. She's also a fox girl. Her last name is Kitsune.²* TheNicknamer: She likes giving nicknames to the people she likes.²* NoodleIncident: Now knowing that Airy really ''is'' [[IdiotSavant super]] [[TheDitz dense]], you have to wonder, how the hell did she steal that puzzle box from under Hades' nose?²** While we still never get to see it, Airy does explain that her [[CharmPerson eyes of bewitching]] were involved.²* ObfuscatingStupidity: Discussed frequently in the arc that she's introduced. Several members of Fairy Tail can't figure out if Airy's [[TheDitz behavior]] is an act or not. Eventually the trope gets subverted. Airy really is [[TheDitz just that stupid]]. [[ZigZaggingTrope However]], she really could also be an extreme case of IdiotSavant considering how competent she is combat wise.²* PluckyComicRelief: Airy is [[TheDitz ditzy as a pole]], [[ThePollyanna constantly upbeat]], and breadwinner of some of the most hilarious scenes in the story.²* RefugeInAudacity: Tried to sell her panties in the middle of the Grand Magic Games knowing she had previously peed herself and prior to that had changed panties while giving Macao and Wakaba [[InnocentFanserviceGirl more than an eyeful of her naked bottom]].²* ShoutOut: Her powers, backstory and appearance all reference [[VideoGame/LeagueOfLegends Ahri]].²* VictoriasSecretCompartment: She keeps a book on how her magic works in her cleavage. Apparently, she has a re-quip pocket dimension in there.²²!! Sindel Nebilim²²The titular character of the Sindel arc [[spoiler:and subsequently the ArcVillain]]. A mage of Fairy Tail that existed during the time that Mavis Vermillion was Fairy Tail's guild master. She is often regarded as Fairy Tail's most powerful and is TheMentor to Morianna Feathermane, Airy's former guild master.²²In the year X690, Mavis and Sindel met for the first time. As the years passed, Mavis became Sindel's teacher. [[spoiler:Sindel would later become obsessed with power and learning Fairy Law and this would lead to her getting sealed on Ion Island]].²²[[spoiler:At the end of the arc, after almost beating Fairy Tail completely, she is forcibly turned into her 13-year-old self with no memory of anything after she met Mavis]].²²* ArcVillain: [[spoiler:Of the aptly named Sindel arc]].²* TheBadGuyWins: [[spoiler:Sindel manages to defeat all of Fairy Tail during her battle with them. If not for some timely intervention from Ultear, the arc could've been a DownerEnding]].²* BerserkButton: PlayedForLaughs. Call her old and she'll smash you with her telekinesis.²* BreakTheCutie: A absolutely hysterical example. When [[CovertPervert Erza]] is teaching Sindel about sex and how to please a man,[[spoiler: to act as Zero's fake girlfriend to ward of Phoebe]] Erza not only gives her a incredible array of reading material but also gets very..... hands on. Lelouch is quite disturbed by the implications.²* BroughtDownToBadass[[spoiler:: After her defeat on Ion Island she is sealed in her younger body along with amnesia of her past with Mavis. She is still strong enough to compete in the Fairy Tail S-class exams. [[TookALevelInBadass And then her seal starts to come undone...]]]]²* DarkIsNotEvil: A large part of her character is that while she is heavily steeped in [[CastingAShadow dark elemental magic]], she is not outright evil. Her personal philosophy even suggests such. That said, she's clearly cuckoo for cocoa puffs [[spoiler:putting her at odds with the heroes]].²--> '''Sindel:''' If the weak do not exist, the strong have no one to protect.²* DisproportionateRetribution: Sindel [[spoiler:tries to destroy Fairy Tail because Mavis wouldn't teach her Fairy Law and doesn't believe that she needs to understand the PowerOfFriendship to master such magic]].²* ElementalPowers: Sindel has quite a few of these²** CastingAShadow: The spells Dark Nebula and Great Orb of Destruction among others²** LightEmUp: The spells Archangel Dust and Fragmented End²** PlayingWithFire: The spell Razing Phoenix²** ShockAndAwe: The spell Brilliant Overlord²* EyeBeams: She can use these as one of her spells²* FallenHero -> TragicVillain: [[spoiler:Very much. It's even said that she was in line to become a Wizard Saint. She later becomes this because she is ostracized because of her power, or feels that she is]].²* EyepatchOfPower: She hides a gauze pad under her PeekABangs which [[spoiler:lets her briefly access her full power while she's struggling to regain it permanently courtesy of Mavis and Porlyusica]].²* FishOutOfTemporalWater[[spoiler:: She is released from her imprisonment 80 years after she was sealed and even after being sealed inside her thirteen, now fourteen, year old form, she seems to realize that [[TomatoInTheMirror something's wrong with her memory]]]].²* FromNobodyToNightmare: Prior to meeting Mavis, Sindel was just a little girl with telekinetic and levitation powers that escaped being MadeASlave by jumping off the boat and getting hit by a tidal wave. After becoming a member of Fairy Tail and learning everything she could get her hands on, Sindel became a mage so powerful even ''Hades'' is afraid of her.²* GetAHoldOfYourselfMan: She surprisingly gives one to [[spoiler:Minerva, who became paralyzed at the return of her father. Her words help Minerva regain the will to fight.]]²* GlowingEyesOfDoom: Her purple eyes constantly glow to indicate the raw power she has.²* HeroKiller: [[spoiler:She takes on all of Fairy Tail, Gildarts included, and wins. Fortunately, being part of Fairy Tail herself, she doesn't outright kill anyone]].²* [[HowMuchMoreCanHeTake How Much More Can She Take]]: Likely the reaction of all readers given she manages to tank [[spoiler:two Fairy Laws]], Iced Shell, crash magic and [[spoiler:every major and minor member of Fairy Tail on Ion Island]].²* LadyOfBlackMagic: Big time.²* LonelyAtTheTop: She feels as though others fear her because she is incredibly powerful and no one is quite as strong as she is.²* [[ImplacableMan Implacable Woman]]: When [[spoiler:facing down Fairy Tail]] Sindel's magic is so mighty that she [[spoiler:[[HowMuchMoreCanHeTake tanks two Fairy Laws, Gildarts, Iced Shell and several other high powered attacks]]]].²* ItsAllAboutMe: One of the reasons Mavis [[spoiler:wouldn't teach Sindel Fairy Law or Fairy Glitter is because Sindel thought only about challenging herself and never really made friends]]. She wanted to protect the weak only because she was good at it and it made her a hero.²** [[spoiler:The fact that she now has Fairy Glitter is an indication of CharacterDevelopment]].²* MightMakesRight: When Sephiria Gilgamesh asked Sindel what she wanted to do with all of her vast magic power, Sindel's answer was "whatever I want".²* PeekABangs: After [[spoiler:the guild's return from Tenrou Island]] she sports this look. ²* PersonOfMassDestruction: The woman knows enough black magic to surpass Gildarts²* PowerEchoes: Her voice slips into bold font to indicate she's utilizing this trope.²* PowerFloats: Her first magic ever was her levitation magic and not at any point does she walk on the ground.²* PurpleEyes: Very fitting considering how ridiculously overpowered this woman is.²* SealedEvilInACan: [[spoiler:She was sealed inside an altar on Ion Island by Mavis, but she's imprisoned no longer]].²** [[spoiler:At the end of the arc, she's forcibly turned into her 13-year-old self with no memory of her previous life]].²* SquishyWizard: While Sindel is by ''no means'' nothing without her high end magic spells, her physical combat certainly suffers as noted by [[spoiler:Gildarts]]. [[spoiler:266 suggests this is simply due to her being worn out by that point in the fight as after returning to full power she bitch slaps Tempester all the way from one mountain to another]].²* TemptingFate: [[LampshadeHanging lampshaded]] and then [[SubvertedTrope subverted]] in chapter 98. [[spoiler:And also PlayedForLaughs. Sindel is carrying Evergreen via telekinesis and Evergreen tells her if she keeps moving so fast she's going to slam into a tree. Sindel says she won't. Evergreen tells her that that's exactly what someone [[LampshadeHanging who is about to hit a tree would say]]]].²* TookALevelInBadass[[spoiler:: While most of it was getting back some levels she lost due to the seal on her body, the restoration of part of her powers in the 100th chapter included one more thing that didn't come with the original packaging: Fairy Glitter]].²* UsedToBeASweetKid: As evident in flashbacks, before she became what she wound up being, Sindel was just a happy, little, naive girl that enjoyed doing loop-de-loops in the air until she made herself dizzy. [[FromNobodyToNightmare And then she became powerful and all hell broke loose]].²* WalkingSpoiler: Her involvement in her arc is clear from the fact that her name is in the title, but everything else about her [[spoiler:finding out she's the ArcVillain, her subsequent reversion back to her thirteen-year-old self, and her joining of Fairy Tail and being involved in the Tenrou Island arc]] is not.²* WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity: Hades always feared back at the turn of the century that Sindel would become this. [[spoiler:She did]].²* TheWorfEffect: Though it's only because [[spoiler:[[WorfHadTheFlu she's not at full power]]]], she's suffered significant losses since her first appearance [[spoiler:Most notably by Alice in the Grand Magic Games to showcase just how much of a threat Phoenix Grave is]].


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