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1Most of the the music here comes from the mecha genre ''VisualNovel/MuvLuvAlternative'', widely regarded as one of the best visual novels, and as such contains some truly awesome music designed to get your blood pumping or make you cry.----* [[ Muv Luv]] is a good opening theme for the first game [[spoiler:and [[{{Bookends}} a fitting way to end Alternative.]]]]* [[ Asu e no Houkou]] from Alternative is one of the most hot blooded openings to a visual novel ever fitting perfectly with the humungous mecha and is made by Music/JAMProject.* [[ Theory for a Speedy Welcome and Farewell.]]* [[ Rain Cloud]] (a carryover from ''VisualNovel/RumblingHearts'').* [[ Confession.]]* [[ Creeping Anxiety]] is used for some of the more shocking moments in both Extra and Alternative.* [[ Gravestone.]]* [[ Bonds]], a reprise of "Wings".* [[ An Eishi's Style]], a reprise of "Carry On".* [[ Footsteps of Military Shoes.]]* [[ A Battlefield's Desire for Blood.]]* [[ Clash.]]* [[ Assault Landing]], also a fantastic SuspiciouslySimilarSong and {{homage}} to ''Franchise/StarshipTroopers''[='=] [[ "Klendathu Drop"]].* [[ Howling Spirit]], another homage, this time to the famous ''Anime/{{Gunbuster}}'' [[ March]].* [[ War Preparation]], still another ''Anime/{{Gunbuster}}'' homage, to "Start of Military Operation".* [[ Decision.]]* [[ Resistance to the Bitter End.]]* [[ Over my Dead Body.]]* [[ Original Hive]] perfectly captures that alien feeling.* [[ Valkyries.]]* [[ Storm Vanguard]] for whenever Takeru does something badass.* [[ Flame of Life]], which plays as [[spoiler:Michiru dies.]]* [[ Farewell]], which plays as [[spoiler:Mitsuki dies.]]* [[ Meiya]], which becomes an absolute tearjerker when playing during [[spoiler: her death scene.]] The Standard Edition uses an [[ extended version]].* [[ Reminiscence]]: You'll be remembering this song seeing as how it plays during the most shocking scene aka the [[spoiler: HEADCHOMP]] scene.* [[ Something Stolen]]: The official theme music of the [[spoiler:PTSD Arc.]]* [[ The Sound of Rain.]]* [[ The End of Regret]] (still another homage, to ''[[ Is Paris Burning?]]'').* [[ Destiny]] and its rearrangement [[ For You Who Departs.]]* [[ Sunshine]] as far as peaceful/calming songs go, and takes some cues from ''Anime/{{Giant Robo|the Day the Earth Stood Still}}'''s [[ Main Title]].* From ''The Day After'': [[ Roar of Counterattack]], the ThemeMusicPowerUp of Hibiki and the Wardog Squadron.* ''[[LightNovel/MuvLuvAlternativeTotalEclipse Total Eclipse]]'' is not to be outdone:** [[ "No Place Like A Stage"]], which plays whenever Yuuya is being badass.** [[ "Apocalypse of Destiny"]], the insert song for Episode 5. Yui versus Argos Flight. It's also reused for when the Infinities' Raptors wipe the floor with the RLF.** [[ "Doubt The World"]], the 2nd OP, which sets the stage for the final arc of the anime.


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