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1* From Abnormal Summit, Yuta (albeit playfully) calling out the men discussing which country has the most beautiful women for only caring about looks.≤* Mark and Taeyong are often called SM's best rappers (although that is definitely a matter of opinion).≤* [[ Taeil's high & long notes.]]≤* Ten's performance on the first episode of Hit the Stage, seen [[ here]].≤* [[ The 0701 practice video.]]≤* The fact that Chenle debuted after only 3 months of training under SM. His previous singing experiences were just that good.≤* The lyrics to Mad City.≤** "Could this be possible? / Am I that powerful? / Guess thatís why rumors / around the world are saying that / Mark is absolutely fully capable."≤** "Stop caring about other people's thoughts, this is originally you / Whatever anybody says I'm gonna do gotta go / By the time you get your head straight I'm gone I'm done."≤** "Why are they doubting TY?"≤* [[ The NCT/SMRookies showcase.]]≤* Winwin's handstand flip in the Firetruck choreo. He does it without hands in the original choreo, too!≤* ''#[=JOHNNY=]'' trended worldwide on Twitter after his teasers were released.≤* In a matter of not even a month since its release ''"Limitless"'' outsold yearly sales of their previous [=EP=], ''"127"''.≤* [[ All the people]] who showed up for NCT's performance in Thailand.≤* ''NCT DREAM'' to be the first unit to win at a music show. ''Three times!''≤* Ten's [[ '''Dream In A Dream''' MV]]≤** ''#[=DreamInADream=]'' trended worldwide on Twitter after the release of the Music Video. ≤** The song stayed #1 on iTunes in Thailand for over 3 weeks, made it to US Daily Top and #Vibes playlist.≤* Fanchant during Dream Concert in 2017. [[ They are a rookie group!]]≤* Their ''"Cherry Bomb"'' Comeback Showcase tickets were sold out in a matter of seconds. For a total of 1000 tickets applied over 100 000 requests! ≤* ''NCT 127'' becomes the first K-Pop group to be selected as Apple Musicís ''"New Artist of the Week"''≤* According to a fanaccount, Yuta, who's known for his brazen, nonconformist personality, [[FlippingTheBird flipping off]] a well-known [[LoonyFan sasaeng]] who's stalked other groups and telling her to get lost. K-Pop groups members are notoriously harassed and injured by stalkers and mobs, and are usually expected to silently put up with it. Seeing a member of a well-known group retaliate against people who've terrorized, mobbed, and stalked NCT for years is [[TheDogBitesBack cathartic]]. BewareTheNiceOnes indeed.≤* Yuta is crowning moment of awesome personified. An aspiring professional athlete from a humble background, he left his home country at 16 to endure a notoriously brutal training process for four years, with no prior knowledge of the language. Unlike the Chinese trainees, he had nobody he could talk to in his mother tongue and confide in. He endured the loneliness of being away from his family and friends and everything he knew, and the xenophobia that comes with being a foreigner in Korea. Not only does he go on to debut despite the odds, he is the foreigner that is most fluent in Korean, and teaches the other members Japanese, when he himself didn't have the luxury of people helping him with his Korean, and his English is at least good enough to hold a conversation. On top of that, he is one of the best all rounders in the group (he originally got into SM for his singing, is currently one of the best dancers in a group known for having the toughest choreographies out there, can rap as well as a member assigned that role, is touted as one of the best variety members due to his brazen and funny personality, is agreed to be one of the kindest members by members and fellow trainees alike, and is a looker to boot). If that wasn't enough, he can also play the piano and guitar. Even though he was originally marketed as the manly man of the group, he actively embraces feminine things, ([[LongHairedPrettyBoy long hair]], desire to be a woman in his next life, [[WholesomeCrossdresser unironically dressing as the evil witch from Snow White]]), despite having lived in two socially conservative countries). He's also quite the intellectual, as seen in his appearances in Abnormal Summit, where he discusses politics, LGBT issues, history, and other topics among people twice his age, in his philosophy towards life, in his love for books, in his introspection and in his high interpersonal intelligence. He's also not afraid to speak out against SM's refusal to let him sing on NCT's tracks. He's also a nurturing big brother figure to all the younger members, especially Winwin, Mark, and Jaehyun, giving them advice, tending to them, lifting their spirits, and giving them advice. He's one of the few people in k-pop that are pro-LGBT and feminist in a society where these attitudes are the exception to the rule. According to fanaccounts, he's the member who consistently acknowledges and talks to fans, even when other members don't. Who else in k-pop can be an IronWoobie, {{Determinator}}, WiseBeyondTheirYears, MasterOfAll, CoolBigBro, AllLovingHero, {{Omniglot}}, BadassAdorable [[BadassBookworm Bookworm]], TheSocialExpert and RenaissanceMan all at once? After going through a TraumaCongaLine (that still hasn't quite ended), the likes of which no idol in K-Pop has ever seen, the fact that he's not only managed to retain some semblance of sanity, but be all that one can ask of a Korean pop idol and more (without even being Korean), is a testament to the sheer quality of his character.


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