Reviews: Homestar Runner

Homestaw Wunnew dot net- It's Dot Com!

If I told you that a cartoon starring a bleach white underbite Cloud Cuckoolander, his Granola Girl broom girlfriend, a big yellow Unintelligible beach ball, and a lucha libre wrestler-looking Disco Dan would become an Internet phenomenon, would you believe me? Probably not. But somehow, Homestar Runner has been tailored to be the perfect blend between Shout Outs, Brick Jokes, Fourth Wall Mail Slot, and just plain funny. And it. Is. Awesome.

Whether they're (unsuccessfully) hosting a kids show, having a bad, bad, Halloween, crashing a date, or signing awesome songs, you're pretty much guaranteed to get a kick out of them (I can only think of 5-6 toons I didn't like). And then you've got Trogdor, who's famous in his own right.

I rate the Homestar Runner body of work 9 and a half/10.