Reviews: Minecraft The Noob Adventures

A story of three noobs on their way to greatness

When I first watched the series on Newgrounds, I was coming in blind because I knew nothing of the Minecraft games. The story plays without overly explaining the basic mechanics of gameplay, which might be the intention since we're following three newbie players through the game. They also openly acknowledge they're playing online saying stuff like "Oh no! I pressed Q!" or "My mother grounded me for playing too long." What really makes this shine is how much of an Affectionate Parody TNA is with just an epically played storyline.

As mentioned earlier, three players start the game and stand out with their own personalities: Noobly is The Hero and the newest player to the group, Pooploser_69, or Snake as he calls himself, is The Smart Guy who picks up on strategies and plans, and Fart Garfunkel is The Big Guy who routinely makes sunglasses one-liners and song references for victory cries. Together they stand against the corrupt and disturbing admin Gaylord_Steambath, a Griefer who abuses his powers to drive all the other players in pocket dimensions or convince them to quit the game. The adventure itself is epic for them in that they get involved in seemingly one sided battles (like with an Ender Dragon or a Whither) on their quest for strong equipment to even hope to stand a chance against Gaylord.

The Noob Adventures feels like a parody story of some kind with the acknowledgement of being in a game and the jokes thrown in (as well as the running joke of everyone having Unfortunate Names) but we see the heroes engage in some intense battles such as the Enderdragon or surviving a swarm of night-time monsters against an NPC village, and through circumstance keep getting strong weapons and equipment as they get closer to their goal. The mix of action and humor keeps TNA engaging even to people not knowledgeable of the Minecraft game. In fact, it plays homage to it in dungeon crawling and the breaking of terrain turning into small blocks. This flash series, while small on time and about a month or so between each episode release, is highly recommended by this troper.