Reviews: Return To Castle Wolfenstein

''Can I Play ? I Seriously Love This Game !"

This PS2 version is one of the only first-person shooter games I like. Why ? Simple, because the first time I ever played this game it was on 'Can I Play, Daddy ?' mode...with my dad and older sister. At the time in gr. 1 and up until I was in gr. 5 the first Egyptian mummy levels terrified me with all the screams and groans. One thing about the first mummies, sometimes it sounds like they're saying, "Ye-ah, yeah." and it is hilarious.

Of course, back then, I didn't appreciate the game, but later on, on a harder mode, I'd play it again easily and discover how awesome the in-game research/reports were to find and read, I found I could empathize with the Scientist/Journalist-guy in the later mummy levels. I still loved destroying the music boxes, but, also appreciated how much easeir it was to beat the game. Though I still died many times, the freaking first Uber-Soldat. Even on the harder levels like the snowing I think it's Norway levels, the Uber-Soldats and the Chateau it was worth dying all the time to say I finally beat it.

Now, I can appreciate just how good the voice-acting and the cut-scenes are. Poor Agent One and that electricity, I wanted to kill that stupid doctor and then I did, and then there are those poor people who got turned into X-creatures.

Onto weapons, of the special weapons I loved the Venon-Chain gun it was awesome, even though it over-heated constantly. The Flame-thrower was cool, or hot if you want. The parts with the Mauser and the Sniperscopes were, and are, really cool.

Then during the end credits I found out that the developing people went all over Europe to get the castle texture's and things right and I just loved it even more. Some games can be appreciated many years after you've first played them and I personally think it's a classic. If, like me, you've still got a PS2 and you find this in a pawn shop or somewhere do yourself a favour and get it.