Reviews: Sam And Cat

Horrible in almost every aspect of the word

Sam and Cat is a spinoff of iCarly and Victorious, two crappy teen sitcoms that should never have made it their pilots. The characters are definitely one of the worst aspects of this show. Sam is an unlikeable a**hole and Cat is borderline retarded. Sam and Cat as characters are pretty much just Patrick's two traits in a modern SpongeBob episode: an annoying jerk and an annoying moron. Another low point of this series is the humor. Mean characters and stupid characters are almost never funny, and it's even worse having both as the main characters. Even worse, there's an annoying laugh track playing almost constantly no matter how annoying or unfunny the "joke" is. However, this trite is nowhere near the worst Nick show. Breadwinners, Sanjay & Craig, Rabbits Invasion, Etc. are all much worse than this. At this point, the ONLY thing on Nick worth watching anymore is the ocasional classic SpongeBob, and maybe TMNT.

So what do I think thus far?

Now, I was a big fan of both iCarly and Victorious. And i've pretty much always liked Victorious more than iCarly, but I wasn't as upset as many others when it was announced that Victorious would be kicking the bucket without a real finale. It was disappointing, yes, but it grew on me pretty quickly. And I know there are people who were refusing to watch this show because they think it got Victorious cancelled. I was curious, however, and what do I think?

I haven't seen every episode yet, but the premises are alright enough. In particular, I quite liked last Saturday's episode where Cat inadvertently blinded Goomer before his wrestling match, especially the match itself. It was also interesting how they tried to relate the girls' favorite show being cancelled to how Victorious was axed also, and I find their new hangout, "Bots", the Groovy Smoothie/Asphalt Cafe of this show, not too badly designed either.

In short, it's no iCarly or Victorious, but I can say I like what i've seen of it so far.

First Spin-Off Series of two of my favorite shows

After watching the grand finale of "iCarly", I was sad because Carly moves away with her father who was in the army. I was really upset that "Victorious" was cancelled before the grand finale and the last episode is just a regular episode. I always thought the producer of the show is his fault for that, then I relieves it wasn't. Then, when they made this show, "Sam and Cat", I was glad that two of my favorite shows was turned into a crossover show that made it funnier like "Kenan and Kel" and "Drake and Josh" funny. Some fans may don't like this show but other fans, like me, love it. I heard other crossover show is about Gibby but I doubt it's funnier than this show.

Pilot Review - Schneider Is Wronger Than Ever.

I was hoping for ever more hilarity in the grand Schneider tradition, and from the beginning we've got it. Glorious rudeness from Sam, sweet ditziness from Cat, copious Getting Crap Past The Radar, weird humor (which usually makes sense in context - usually), a batty old woman (Cat's Nonna), a severe case of Totally Radical Buffy Speak, Old Media Playing Catch Up, eye-catching art design, and sheer wrongness everywhere. I gotta say, the way Dan Schneider's shows have become increasingly non-realistic and hyper-screwball really helps make them ever more hilarious. Hoo boy, do I await the rest of the new episodes! I get the nasty feeling, though, that this might well end up being the last of the great Schneider shows, especially with the aging of the core casts from every show. Ah well. Three or four years of this and I may finally be ready to give up on any attempt to keep myself youthful forever!