Reviews: Neds Declassified School Survival Guide

Classic, if not Instantly

I love this show. Looking back, it's pretty easy to get nostalgic over. While other teenage comedy-dramas take place in high schools, I think it's unique that this one is set in a middle school instead, which contributes to the zany, cartoonish humor. Of course, it took time to develop. I think that the first season is the rocky patch, and that the series was still kind of searching for its style and didn't really evolve until the second season. The writing was solid all throughout, but the acting got a little better around the second season, even though it was never the series strong point.

The characters, however, were what made the show pop. Sure, they're not the most original, but they definitely work in the setting. The Brilliant, but Lazy trope was the appropriate choice for the main character, and the Love Triangle doesn't constitute to a Romantic Plot Tumor like it would've in a few other shows. And I think that the characters just feel more like middle schoolers anyway, which is good that they can connect with their setting and feel like they belong in the situations that they get themselves into. Sure they're exaggerated in a cartoonish way more than half the time, but that's Ned for you. Plus Cookie's role as the Black Best Friend is a nice touch.

Overall I believe it left its mark on Nick, and even though it was overshadowed by other shows like Drake & Josh, I believe that it has developed into something of a Cult Classic.