Reviews: Sly Cooper

A True Masterpiece

I could write a review on each game in the series (in fact I probably will eventually), but I'd just like to touch on them altogether. Sly Cooper is a seriously amazing work of art in all its forms. While some video games tend to focus too much on the gameplay and end up crafting underwhelming stories to match them, Sly Cooper found the perfect balance of unique stylized gameplay with original features and an impressive story that just keeps branching out and getting better and better as it goes on. The second and third games in particular I believe stand out in both departments, and are probably the best in the series, while the fourth game should be recognized for its loyal and artistic character redesigns after the series went on an eight year hiatus, and was all-in-all the blast from the past fans wanted to see return.

The second game probably holds the best story, having each character play important and interesting roles (I'm of course not saying that they don't in any of the other installments, but let's put more emphasis on the characters outside the main trio here), and making the plot less predictable as the previous game. I also love the Bittersweet Ending, though it doesn't leave you asking as many questions as the end of the third game does. Speaking of the third game, I'd like to recognize it for having what I consider too be the best game play of the series. It keeps the classic Cooper moves, and makes Murray and Bentley's style more unique by giving Murray an Australian Guru student-like touch and putting Bentley in a wheelchair. It's also pretty neat being able to play as Carmelita. While the fourth game adds some interesting touches, I think it made the original playable characters less balanced (not that they weren't very well balanced before), and I liked Bentley's style the most in the third game.

All in all, Sly Cooper provides interesting plot devices and characters, finding the perfect balance between the two more so in the second and third games of the series, though the first and fourth games are not shy of brilliant. Let's hope the movie borrows enough story from the games to pull through without pissing too many people off.

And they're all hilarious.