Reviews: In Time

Boring, boring film. Good basic idea, however.

In Time is highly reflective of a sad trend in modern cinema, one of long "dark" films that are supposedly cerebral but lack any actual intelligence to make up for their rather notable lack of supposedly "unintelligent" action. The story is uninspired, and the acting is downright wooden, which is a shame, as the concept of using lifespan as a currency is actually a pretty good one, and makes a fair comment on the capitalist system.

I would not recommend this film, it is rather dull to watch and the highlight of my viewing was dropping my watch in the cinema and having to explain what I was doing when I picked it up to the woman next to me...



Good Premise, Bad Story

Put simply, time is LITERALLY money in this movie. And similar to our society, there are rich people and poor people; except that here, the rich are practically ageless, while the poor die young. Enter Will Salas, a poor but generous man, whose saves a rich Death Seeker, and in return is given a century of life to live or spend with when the rich man fulfills his death wish. Will Salas thus enters high society with the intention to "take them for everything they've got." Meanwhile, Timekeeper Raymond Leon is intent on hunting Will down, thinking that Will murdered the rich man.

All in all, it's a great setup and a good twist on Logans Run. Unfortunately, the plot goes downhill from here on. Will has absolutely no plan, and despite knowing that he's being chased, fails to cover his tracks very well. The film also expects us to believe that nobody had attempted a bank robbery before the main characters. Not to mention that Will doesn't start his rebellion until AFTER he LOSES the time he was given, making the plot point of the century-long gift completely pointless and leaving one to wonder why Will would wait to rebel after using it. And then there's the Fridge Logic of why you would put an extremely valuable but small device inside a huge safe in plain sight instead of hiding it.

The movie would have been a lot better if Will was smarter, did not do something stupid to alert the authorities, and took the system down from within instead of without.