Reviews: Total Drama Chris

TL;DR -> Read Total Drama Chris, but not Alphabet (2)

However, the sequel is not the same thing: it Jumped The Shark, grimdark became grimderp (that's not the most exact term, I used for for pun purposes), and I could point a lot of things, like the unnecessary stereotypical exaggeration of the OCs, what turns a lot of them very annoying or bland; actually most of the male characters are just boring, while more development and screentime is given to the females (even the supposed villains and jerk with an excuse who are still jerks, like Isis, are treated with compassion and likeability), the reutilization of the many tropes from the first work, especially the darker ones while trying to upping them, which makes the story kind of uncomfortable, given the premise, and the main reason I stopped to read: Danielle. The author does not seem to know the difference between a Parody Sue and an Anti Sue, which makes her a Jerk Sue Karma Houdini Attention Whore Spotlight Stealing Squad-member and I can't think on more bad tropes to describe her, because she ends stealing the spotlight and her incapacity to realize that's there are other people besides her is simply awful (which is a characteristic of almost everyone), because if she were autistic, that would be justified and could be an interesting point, to make Character Development and a relevant message, but she is not (I'm aware that this a delicate issue, but the fic has dealt, or tried to, with delicate issues)! We know that some characters are not meant to be liked, but usually they don't make someone to drop the reading, and when this happen, there is something wrong.

TL;DR -> Read Total Drama Chris, but not Alphabet (1)

I found the first story to be enjoyable (even if is a Follow The Leader of TDC, more Darker And Edgier, because of Gwen-LeShawna-Heather subplot), the fic has excellent points, which I point the fanfiction challenge, a true Crowning Moment Of Funny that's reason enough to appear in this page, and Lindsay's characterization is very good, one of the best ever done in a fanfic; the downer points are Chris' characterization (he goes from Jerk Ass but kind of charismatic, from season 1, and then he becomes a Complete Monster out of nowhere, without any explanation), sometimes Katie does resemble a Jerk Sue, but the only point that was Sue-ish without much need to discuss was in chapter 36, where she defeat mutant beavers with nothing more than a stick (the author put a What Could Have Been note, saying that he planned to eliminate Sadie in the second challenge and he decided against it; I consider this was a good decision, because a Katie going to the final and winning without Sadie, would be weird), but, again, enjoyable.

Great Pikimin Fan's review

YMMV, I couldn't really get to the third challenge. Katie is a borderline Jerk Sue, the challenges were rather dull ideas that were pulled off in a bland fashion, and I had to draw the line when one chapter spent way too much time connecting the Total Drama girls to Sailor Moon in a challenge based off of the latter. (Courtney may have the same voice actresses as one of the senshi, but come on.) Also, if the trope page and the events of day 2 are anything to belive, there's a lot of Chris bashing. And to me, the whole "give Chris what he deserves" idea loses its entertainment really quick. The fic just feels like it's trying a little too hard to be like Total Drama Comeback. But hey, I haven't really read it in a while (no, I do not plan on continuing/re-reading unless convinced otherwised) and read several other fics since then, so my memory might not be that accurate. Bottom line, read it if you want to, just a fair warning about Katie's characterization.

Eatemupstudios' review

A great story; very enjoyable, well written and detailed. Not only is it heartwarming and dramatic but it is pretty funny as well, particularly the fanfiction challenge. Definetly give this a read if you haven't already. Heck; it even inspired this troper to write his own Total Drama fanfic.