Reviews: The New Kid Onthe Block

The reboot makes what was good even better

On the LJ request meme, it stood out as a fun AU that improved chapter by chapter. The way the characters interact is very interesting, especially between Wally and the Rogues, Robin, and Zoom. Hunter especially has a great conflicting dynamic with Wally. My one complaint was that Wally wasn't as fleshed out a character as the author intended. There were also some confusing sequencing issues, especially during a critical fight scene later on.

However, after the author's move and subsequent reboot, The New Kid on the Block really took on a life on its own. The Kid may be a suave Gentleman Thief, but Wally is now an awkward, resentful loner with a massive unlucky streak. It's almost a little jarring in comparison to his previous Cool Loser status. Even the Ho Yay hijinks are cast in a darker light, as Wally seems to have had an unhappy experience with it in high school.

The writing is much improved, the action terribly exciting, and the new world is simply fascinating. I'd say that this stands as one of my favorite fanfics of all time.

It will take all of your time

The story is so captivating and enchanting, that before you know it you will spend your entire day reading it! Despite having work to do! Every part ends with a cliff hanger that just forces you to keep on reading. But one of the hardest part about reading this story is not just the story itself, but also reading the author's comments. It is so clear that this entire narrative is a well thought-out, detailed, and hard working master piece, as evidenced by the answers the author gives once asked about plot holes and such. This troper feels it is one of the highest quality fan fics out there, and it completely deserves its name on the recommendations list. Good work x_meets_y!