Reviews: Stories By Vicioux

Vicioux's Stories (Bleach Fan Fic Recommendations Section)

These stories are highly recommended - an excellent blend of humour, fluff, action, and drama (the latter two thanks to some well-executed Cerebus Syndrome). Better yet, they show a remarkable reluctance to character-bash, even against the usual targets like Orihime, Yamamoto and Momo. The romance sizzles despite being handled eminently tastefully, and the solitary, minor OC (a cranky lesbian lieutenant of the Seventh Division with a flair for matchmaking) is handled with so much restraint that you end up wanting to see rather more of her than we're actually given.

The stories aren't perfect, of course. Canon is played fast-and-loose with at times (for instance, Nemu claiming to have always hated her father), and the characters' interests in music, literature, et cetera tend to be a little too Western-focused a little too often for centuries-old members of a culture based (however loosely) on feudal Japan. Nevertheless, these flaws are minor, and an update to any one of these fics is highly likely to plaster a big, dopey grin all over your face.