Reviews: No One Cares About This Story

For Crackshippers.

I went into this not noticing that it was supposed to be a shipping fic, so for me the fic a lot of the time was just an endless string of unfunny gay jokes ("haha everyone thinks they're gay! It's hilarious!"). I suppose one could argue that the humor is supposed to come from how ridiculous the ship appears to be and the actual interactions between the characters, but I think from that approach the fic isn't funny/silly enough. So I recommend this only if you ship Xin Fu/Master Yu, or are really desperate to read fics about those two characters, or are really really bored. I did get some enjoyment out of this fic but it could have been a lot better.

monster_lover13's review

Truly a memorable story. It took two characters who never got a proper conclusion and gave them more adventure and moments where they can truly show their Odd Couple ways. It's also absolutely hilarious. This troper disregards the Inferred Holocaust with them in the 2nd season finale because of this. Read it if you like these characters (and hilarity)