Reviews: My Little Brony Reality Vs Fantasy

Needs more love, NOW!

While it's not to the level of "Through the Eyes of Another Pony" this fic is nothing to sniff at! The story takes an interesting twist by using a meta joke as the catalyst of the action. Pinkie Pie is famous for her frequent breaking of the fourth wall but apparently is not aware that she does it. So when Twilight actually tells her about the trope, she goes to intentionally invoke it. Enter the protagonist, Anthony. He's a closet brony who particularly likes Pinkie Pie. When Pinkie, knowingly, breaks the fourth wall he is subsequently transported into her room. What follows is a winding tale of both laughs and drama as Anthony invokes instant musical numbers and classic cartoon conventions while at the same time sparing no detail of how dystopian Earth is compared to Equestria. (Particularly, his rant to Applebloom of all ponies could even be seen as a Kick the Dog moment.) The author's most impressive feat is keeping all the ponies perfectly in-character. Their voices can truly be heard through the written dialogue!


Where this story shines is the fact that it's a Darker and Edgier Crossover and neither Anthony, the ponies, or the reader knows that until halfway through the story! Professor Wolfen, a literal black sheep Mad Scientist enacts a genocide of ponies in a Rage Against the Heavens plot against Celestia; with Ponyville as his first target. The crossover part finally comes in when the only pony that has a plan to save the day is none other than the Doctor! When he finally shows up, his tools, TARDIS, and ramblings sound completely out of context. Which actually is, again, perfectly in-character! (No one ever knows who the Doctor is when he shows up and pulls a Deus Ex Machina, he just is.) More amazing still, is that the Doctor doesn't outshine Anthony and Pinkie as the story's emotional center and he even expands logically upon the pony mythos. Anthony's inclusion into these events was not accidental or a Contrived Coincidence but Pinkie merely doing something that ALL ponies are capable of. With the magic that lies in a pony's cutie mark, they could summon a human familiar to act as their guardian. Thus, the tires "human in Equestria" is given an in-universe justification!