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Tropers: Eaglelander
Tropes that apply to me: (More to be added or redacted as my story develops.)

Lawful Good: I like to think of myself this way, at least in belief. In practice, I'm probably more neutral because . . . well I haven't done anything yet. Hard to tell where you stand when the push hasn't come to shove.

Master Swordsman: What I aspire to be by taking up the German school of swordsmanship.

Patriotic Fervor: The name should make it obvious. Of the various titles I could attribute myself, I would definitely say I'm a patriot. Though I'd also be quick to tell you that love of one's country does not exclude love of other's as well.

Romanticism Versus Enlightenment: Heavily Enlightenment with a few romantic holdouts. Especially when romantic love is concerned.

Sarcasm-Blind: Very. I have something similar, but not exactly like Asperger's Syndrome. I often have to ask if the person actually meant the intent in their statement.

Walt Disney: This troper's personal hero.

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