Reviews: The Dark Knight Strikes Again


It's incredible how bad the art is. Instead of illustrating the story and helping make it more clear, Miller's art only makes it more confusing. You may sometimes struggle to understand what's going on due to the piss-poor drawings. You'd think Miller would get better with practice, but fifteen years after The Dark Knight Returns, Miller did not improve his drawing skills one iota. Quite the contrary. This without having even mentioned the notoriously crappy Photoshop coloring, which is garish enough and does the already lousy art no favors at all.

And the writing is as bad as they say. Along with the art it sort of makes you believe the rumor that a seasoned professional such as Frank Miller deliberately wrote and illustrated this installment as a Stealth Parody to poke fun at fans who were taking the original TDKR way too seriously. Fanboys who like to pretend that TDKR has no sequel actually have a point.