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Reviews Comments: I'm Surprised by These Reviews (Update) World War Z whole series review by T 448 Eight

Listen, zombies aren't realistic. If you honestly think they have to be realistic to be good entertainment, I disagree. One review seems like a poor attempt at trolling.

But you see, zombies aren't supposed to be realistic. Its a good book that these reviews seem to bash for the unrealistic pretense. Yes, Brooks was trying to get it to be realistic. But this book isn't set in the real world, and neither are those zombie films. The author even references why their impossible, but apparently that isn't good enough.

The best thing about this book is the way the world reacts. And that's good enough for me.

I recently reread the book, and while the satire is either offensive or dull, the general story is good. Some were too short, some were too long. But most were entertaining and I recommend this to anyone who liked Romero. But if your looking for a realistic zombie book, I don't think one exists.


  • fenrisulfur
  • 15th Feb 13
The lack of realism in the story (at least for me) was not zombie based. To me it was stuff like during a zombie apocalypse with scarce resources, the military starts using disposable handguns. Another would be the tract complaining about whales dying when people had needed to eat them for food. The world reactions are good when they make sense, but when soldiers become terrified because they have to ACTUALLY FIGHT, the reactions stop working. Part of the lack of realism is that Brooks did not write military that sound like actual military. I like the book, but every once in a while there's a stretch of "I don't know how tactics/guns/total war work." Of course zombies are a fiction, but soldiers, guns, and generals are real.
  • nrjxll
  • 15th Feb 13
There also seems to be an element of "no, it's their zombies that are unrealistic" going on.
  • RN452
  • 15th Feb 13
This review seemed to me to be Complaining About Reviews You Don't Like.
  • RN452
  • 15th Feb 13
I mean Complaining About People Not Liking The Show, more than an actual review.
  • T448Eight
  • 15th Feb 13
I fail.

Sorry everyone, I wasn't thinking straight.
  • TuefelHundenIV
  • 24th Oct 13
Zombies in general may be unrealistic but it is very reasonable to dissatisfied with a book that tries and frankly fails overall to present them in a realistic manner.

Especially by passing around a massive idiot ball to anyone around that can stop them before it becomes a serious threat.

The Battle of Yonkers was frankly unrealistic in large degrees and Brooks grossly overstated the reselience of a human body and even made up an effect for a kill mechanism for explosions. We have known how explosions kill for a very very long time. There is frankly no excuse for the lack of research.

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