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Reviews Comments: I can no longer refrain from regularly using the word "Genuflect" OMGWTFOTL game review by Devious Recital

One does not so much read Odious Manly Genuflection With Terrible Fury: Only True Lamentation as much as one experiences it. For reading it would imply that you can comprehend it, and if you can comprehend it, you are either the creator or some transcendant hell-beast I would not hope to meet under any circumstances. Likely both. Heaven knows that I would have no choice but to [X] genuflect before such a monstrosity.

Merely glancing at the trope page should tell one all one needs to know about the work. Indeed, OMGWTFOTL is so short, that the trope page damn near gives away all the content within it. Because of this, I went in somewhat sullied, and probably was unable to enjoy this as much as I could have. But regardless, the writing was insane enough to match the insane situations, so I had no choice but to [X] genuflect before its quality.

There is little else that can be said. The art is all done in C Gs; absolutely none of the typical visual novel character portrait stuff. Why bother for a 30 min game anyway? One such CG is my desktop background as of this writing, which should tip one off as to the quality. Another CG is impossible to discern due to the fact that every square centimeter of it is censored, which should tell the weak to turn away, or better yet, [X] genuflect.

Musically, it's... well... surprisingly amazing. 30 minutes of gameplay, only 7 40 second or so loops, and over half of them are stuck in my head. The composer was fucking around even less than Osaka Bancho. Especially with that gorgeous credits theme. It'll make you want to [X] genuflect in the literal sense of the word.

The only people who wouldn't enjoy this are prudes. Probably. Read it as soon as you can, and then spread the quotes like syphilis.



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