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Reviews Comments: Meh...meh Grim Tales From Down Below whole series review by Falconfly

I personaly find this comic "average". Perhaps its not the best word, but what I mean is that its not bad but its not a masterpiece either.

For the good things, I enjoy the art. It looks like a really nice mixture of the Animesque look and of western comics, and it can be said thee author of the comic did made an efford. The humor works and the characters are generally very well in character (even if many things were changed in order to fit the crossover), and I find it a well made Deconstruction of shipping fics and specially Spin Offspring fics.

That said, there are obviously also bad things. While many characters are IC, the ones that are OOC are painfully obvious. While the story begins well paced, it gets rushed towards the end. When the rushing begins, it also becomes more predictable, but when you already know the end result the fate of the main characters shouldn't be surprised.

Something I don't enjoy very much is the changed cosmology of the universe, specifically made a christian based one (its not even worthy of being called part of the christian mythology canon, since its just the Theme Park Version). The angel character is so annoying, unoriginal and useless to the point he was probably only added out of cruelty (yes, I know he was added for the sake of "coolness" and spread the christian message, but really even his character design makes Rob Liefeld's male characters look handsome), while the Seven Deadly Sins bit was hilariously narmul (but then again it was probably the intention of the author).

I laugh at the Lolicon and overall blantant Fan Service, but again I pretty much laugh at any works with only straight male only fanservice so its not really relevant.

As a final positive note, I find the author very brave for the presenting Mandy as the cause of the infamous calamities; not many people dare to cross lines like that.


  • PrimoVictoria
  • 21st May 10
"Male Angel" is from Spawn.
  • Etheru
  • 21st May 10
His name isn't even "Male Angel", his name is the Redeemer, an Anti-Spawn created by Heaven, I believe. And honestly? Comparing the character design to Rob Liefeld? Really?
  • Gloom
  • 28th May 10
Wait, so Mandy causing 9/11 is a sign of bravery on the author's part? Funny, I could've sworn it was an attempt to make the comic "edgy" which backfired spectacularly.
  • Falconfly
  • 7th Jun 10
His character design is incredibly "cliched" when compared to other male superheroes from comics, and Rob Liefeld's over muscled aberrations came to mind. Sorry then

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