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Reviews Comments: Bad blocks make a good wall. The Amazing Spider Man film/book review by th Epirate

This movie makes use of all that is already known and seen about Spiderman and puts it a 2 hour + movie, in a true display of lazy. And I Have to ask, why is it so good????? Let's start with the bad: Dr. Big Bad is making a breakthrough in something that has existed for 15 years. Do you know why lab coats are for? So chemicals don't burn your flesh to the bone. But miss Stacy can show her hotty hot legs in one. The scientists must be pedofiles, as the audience the directors have presumed. The how do i shot web part was so whacky i was thinking that when Peter was rubbing his eyes he wold rip his eyelids of. And it was lifted from the Spiderman parody "Superhero!". All the nods to the Ultimate comics were not needed and got booring. Apparently Ozcorp has a billboard in 3D you can see without glasses. The goodies: This Peter acts like a believable teen, the first we have ever seen is such movies. The romance was at least better and adorable to watch than the first movies. And the return of the oneliners and comedy from the comics and cartoons was all everybody was asking for. Bottom line is it's a good movie for everybody. Worth watching. Even if this is not your kind of movie you should give it a try, i think you will enjoy it.


  • CasualBanshee
  • 10th Aug 12
Not to be picky, but Gwen is somewhere between 16-18, so it would be "ephebophila" rather than "pedophilia", which is used to refer to children under 12. Also, I sometimes wonder if Dawson Casting is the results of directors being uncomfortable bout casting underage kids to play roles that will result in a lot of Male Gaze / Female Gaze.

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