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Surpringly Good
I have to admit that when I first heard about an animated serie of Iron Man that would have Tony Stark as a teenager, I initially had doubts; I am a big Iron Man fan, and I have always been more used to his adult incarnation, especially in the movie. Plus I wasn't a fan of CGI. But I was curious, and, besides, too happy to know there would finally be a new animated adaptation of one of my favourite Marvel heroes, so I went for it.

And I must say: I'm VERY impressed.

For a concept that would make you expect crap, this show was actually really good. Despite Tony being younger, they took time into developping the character and making good story arcs; the villains are all reimagined, going through Adaptational Badass and Character Development at the same time. An especially amazing job was made with Iron Man's Arch Enemy, the Mandarin, and one of my favourite minor villains, the Living Laser; a lot of them are turned into Anti Villains with more credible motivations; on the other hand, you also get a share of Complete Monsters, with Justin Hammer being one of the supreme examples.

Another great point is that, while the show starts with a drastically different context than the comic, the more you go into it, the closer it becomes to it; we get introduced to stuff from the comic such as Extremis, Tony gradually comes closer to become head of Stark Industries, and eventually, Pepper gets her Rescue armor (though it happens only in the season 2 finale).

I sincerely advise this show to any Iron Man fan. If you look pass the drastic change, you might actually have a great time.


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I wasn't impressed with this show overall, except for most of the "villain" characters, who were great: Gene Khan, Obadiah Stane, Whitney Stane, Justin Hammer, and The Ghost in particular were awesome characters.
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