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Reviews Comments: Just when you think it couldn't get any worse than Destiny (Contains Spoilers) Mobile Suit Gundam AGE whole series review by sanfranman 91

At first, I admit that I was enjoying Gundam AGE. But the more I thought of the series, the more I realized how flawed and downright insulting this installment is not just to the franchise, but to one's intelligence in today's world.

For one, the writers have no idea how to write a decent story. I admit that some of the battle scenes were inspired, but otherwise the overall writing in this series is laughable and much of the interesting points of the plot are skimped over in favor of what are essentially fillers, most notably the Fardain arc. And that's before getting into the main plot twist in Episode 39, which I won't spoil. What I will say, however, is that it will A. catch you completely off-guard and B. blow your mind by how little it makes sense.

The main problem, however, is not its Bad Writing nor its bizarre Shocking Swerve. Nope, the biggest issue I have is its creepy, hateful view of women. I'll admit to being moved by Yurin's death, but as the series progressed, I realized that female characters in this show almost solely to either A. pop out new descendants of the Asuno family or B. get Stuffed In The Fridge. The only exceptions to this ludicrous rule are Arisa, Millais, and Natora, and even then they are either shown to be weak and irrelevant or are overshadowed by the almighty male Asunos (Yunoa Asuno is a nurse. And no, she doesn't have her own Gundam). And before you ask, this is coming from a male troper.

Having read Episode 41's preview, it seems that Fram Nara, a perfectly competent Vagan officer, is going to combat. Having seen that the women in this series who develop the slightest sense of independence and strong-will are the ones who are most likely to die, I can't say I have much hope for her. Doesn't mean I won't be pissed and consider her death as a confirmation of AGE's misogynist views.

Gundam AGE really makes you wonder how Sunrise views women and what message the company's trying to tell to the viewers. Do yourself a favor, and skip this installment in favor of Gurren Lagann, Martian Successor Nadesico or better Gundam shows like Gundam X, Turn A Gundam, or Gundam Unicorn.


  • Xalfrea
  • 16th Jul 12
Just skip it because of the views of women? A fair point, but considering that AGE has other aspects besides that, it might be a bit premature to just skip it without considering the other factors of the show.
  • Iaculus
  • 17th Jul 12
You mean like the repeatedly wasted potential as the execs back off from one idea after another (just what are we supposed to be thinking about Flit now?), the ham-fisted attempts at emotional manipulation, and the absolutely retarded Evil Plan?

Face it, this is not an intelligently or consistently-written show even by Gundam standards.
  • Kite
  • 26th Jul 12
Really, worse then Destiny? I suppose people are entitled to their opinons and all, but you are just hilariously way to harsh on the series. It's like your just looking for excuses to bash the hell out of it.

I really don't think Gundam has had any issues, every series has always been either the best one yet or the worst, all that's changed is that the older it gets the more cynical and terrible it's fanbase gets as they try and pretend they are to cool for just having fun.
  • jackedup85
  • 26th Jul 12
Looks like someone forgot the MST 3 K Mantra...

In all seriousness, I agree with Kite. Not to repeat myself from the forum, but while I get that you're mad with the show's Unfortunate Implications, it's just something you'll have to deal with in most Gundam shows due to Values Dissonance. Is AGE Zeta Gundam or The08th MS Team? Of course not. Still, I really think you should calm down and try not to criticize it just so you can fit in with the Unpleasable Fanbase.
  • eowynjedi
  • 28th Jul 12
Its Unfortunate Implications about female pilots seem way more unfortunate than even other Gundam shows—and this isn't the 80's or early 90's when sexism was more expected (still not right, but more expected). This is 2012. Yeah, a Gundam show is going to have issues but this is ridiculous.

And not everyone who criticizes AGE is just trying to fit in. I, for one, really wanted to love this show. There are things in it that I have loved and moments that were great, but then the show just wastes the potential that it built up. This show COULD be a great Gundam show. It has all the makings of it. But it just keeps falling down.
  • yecasux
  • 4th Aug 12
I don't think the Unfortunate Implications are enough to skip the show. Also your review has one paragraph talking about the shows writing problems, then goes into a review on its bad portrayal of women. Anyway I hate Destiny so much more than Age, but I can totally see where your coming from.
  • universalperson
  • 25th Sep 12
Eureka Seven AO isn't exactly that good of a series to begin with...
  • LilyNadesico2
  • 2nd Nov 12
^ It's better than Gundam AGE by a long shot anyway.
  • iridium248
  • 2nd Nov 12
Agreed, AO's significantly better.
  • Tylerox9
  • 16th Nov 12
Its a cycle. Seed was amazing. Destiny was pretty bad. 00 was a piece of crap. and now we have AGE.
  • sanfranman91
  • 20th Nov 12
The latest edit replaces AO with Nadesico. For all of Nadesico's ups and downs, it turned out way better than that god-awful collapse and utter Character Derailment AO had.

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