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Reviews Comments: An Anime That Makes You Think Night Raid 1931 whole series review by Iku Masamune

Senkou no Night Raid is a supernatural anime of a different sort - Instead of being set in a ghost realm or a high school, it is set in China in the 1930's where a secret organization, Sakurai Kikan, uses supernatural abilities for political and foregin interests.

All I can say about this anime is this - Do not go into this anime looking for Fanservice, and do not go into this anime with expectations that everything will be fine in the end. Go into this anime with the knowledge that there will be a Downer Ending and things will get worse after the epilogue, since this anime deals with the early days of the Second Sino-Japanese War/World War II.

From my perspective, Senkou no Night Raid is a great anime. As a history nerd and an anime fan, I was both entertained and I learned more about what happened about the events leading up to World War II. However, I felt that the second half of the series was pretty depressing. Why? Because those episodes are dealing with heavy subjects such as war and imperialism. They also made me think about what happened during the Second Sino Japanese War. While watching this anime, I had some deep - and potentially controversial - questions on my mind that I will not disclose on this review because of the subject matter of some of them.

In reality, watch this anime if you are a history nerd, if you want to see a "different" anime than what's out there, or if you just want to see a hidden gem. But, be warned - You will proably be depressed by the second half of the series, because this is a series that makes you wonder why Imperial Japan did the things they did during the 1930's-1940's.


  • cgk999
  • 26th Oct 12
Um, do you wanna discuss those "potentially controversial" with someone else, say, me?

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