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Reviews Comments: What distinguishes team four star.... Dragon Ball Abridged season review by son

Unlike most abridged series which generally consist of random non-sequiturs and Take Thats on the series, Team Four Star actually has a plot. This isn't to say they were the first or the only abridged series to do this but it plays a significant role in their popularity. It follows the story of Dragon Ball Z, with each episode trimmed down to 10 minutes, with a parody twist.

The episodes generally retain the some of the serious and and intense moments in the fights with a refreshing layer of humor and lampshading on top. The best examples of this are the "Boss Battles" between Frieza and Vegeta in the second and first seasons respectively. One example was Frieza's chilling line at the beginning of his fight, "by all means give me some ideas...". That line seemed like something you'd see in a more "serious" adaptation but wasn't out of place either.

The editing and dubbing is also very smooth and professional looking. However the professional nature of the series also forces some episodes to take a few months to be produced. Generally it's worth the wait but a lot of viewers tend to be impatient. Occasionally they'll post a let's play, a day in the life of TFS, or mini-episode to keep their viewers sated in the mean time.

In order to really appreciate Team Four Star's satire of the series, you must be familiar with the Funimation and Ocean Blue dubs as well as the Japanese. That being said, I would recommend the series to people who never watched or weren't fans of the original series as well. There really isn't much more to say except that Team Four Star puts the "affectionate" in Affectionate Parody. Watch it for yourself and "Please Support The Official Release".


  • Tomwithnonumbers
  • 21st Jun 12
I think it's so important to abridge the plot too, one of the things that disappointed me about YGOTAS and Metal Gear Abridged, was that they began to do their own way out plots instead of abridging the plots already there. Although there's still some stuff there, it's just you need to really know the plot already pretty well to spot it
  • son
  • 21st Jun 12
Agreed, and as much as I love this series I'd say Alternate Reality DBZ fits that disappointment as well. Funny moments but less structured.
  • 14th Jun 13
I was going to write a review but this pretty much sums up why Team Four Star's DBZA is the best, its not just a non-sequitur parody. Its the show trimmed down with humor added.
  • VeryMelon
  • 14th Jun 13
Didn't Yu Gi OH Abridged start out like this but then loose it's way?

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