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Reviews Comments: Disastrous Revision of a Classic Dr. Seuss Story The Lorax film/book review by Notorious Lynx

I want a new trope called "Hollywoodified" which refers to big blockbusters spawned from other media, but instead of doing justice to its source, it adds bullet time action fights and large musical numbers, both which usually take away from the morals or themes - the movie adaptation of the Lorax is exactly that. Instead of focusing on teaching the viewers to be resourceful with nature, the main moral is to not be greedy and attacks corrupt corporations.

In doing this, the movie adds a terrible romance story-line involving Zac Efron and Taylor Swift, clearly created in order to attract teenyboppers. Speaking of the movie's target audience, Universal goes with its other recent film, "Despicable Me"'s ideas by using forced meme cute-critters, similar to the twinkie henchmen, and bland musical numbers, to hold the audience's attention, as if the creators know that the people watching the film won't get the moral, or care.

Additionally, movie is pretty hypocritical in doing this; for a movie who targets corporation for being corrupt and exploiting individuals with ridiculous products, there's clearly going to dolls of the cute critters, from the Lorax to the bears, that will be sold at Walmart, and I wouldn't be surprised if stores released shirts with a darker and edgier Lorax.

In truth, I believe my Pixar fanboyism has made me very cynical when it comes to animated movies; Dream Works has great animated features, some of them that even surpass some of Pixar's. Oddly enough, people keep saying these companies are burrowing inspiration from Pixar, but I can't pinpoint where. Most of these non-Pixar animated films, especially including the Lorax, uses physical comedy and random whackiness. These same studios stray far from any adult themes, while Pixar is not afraid of having things like murder or death. While the Lorax is for youngsters, this all leads to adults, most likely taking their children to go this movie, will be bored and impatient.

The only redeeming part of the movie is the relationship between the Lorax and the Once-ler, which becomes unrealistic and rushed in order to make room for the romance, sadly.


  • maninahat
  • 28th Mar 12
"Hollywoodified" comes under Adaptation Decay. In this case, as a result of a poor attempt at a Pragmatic Adaptation.
  • ManwiththePlan
  • 28th Mar 12
^ While I can see your point here, I don't think the Misaimed Marketing should be deemed a flaw of the movie itself. All movies have coorperate sponsors and products. ALL Pixar movies, including the similar themed Wall-E, have done this too. If anything, that would make that movie more hypocritcal than The Lorax since it was also produced by Disney, one of the biggest megacompanies of all.
  • kyun
  • 17th Jan 13
Guys, Disney and Pixar had nothing to do with The Lorax. Please research before you post.
  • TomWithNoNumbers
  • 17th Jan 13
I think they were talking about the film in comparison to Pixar rather than as a Pixar film, the Disney thing seems to be a mistake

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