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Reviews Comments: Loved It! Chronicle film/book review by Werewolfin

When I saw the trailer, I thought it'd be a nice movie. When I actually went to see it (*coughsnuckincough*), I was just blown away. I've been spoiled to other movies. This was honestly the best movie I'd seen a while. As I am a fan of TV Tropes (and have been long enough that I should be majorly traumatized), I saw many of the situations in the movie coming, but still felt heartbroken when they happened.

To make it even better, it seems my friends all saw it too, and loved it just as much. One in particular wants to write fanfiction about it, and she's never actually /done/ that (to my knowledge).

This wanting to write fanfics of it was just boosted (for both of us) when we realized that there seemed to be /none/ up that we could find. I was glad to look a few days after noticing that and seeing that people had already started to add fics on.

I have to mention that I have yet to meet someone who didn't like the movie.


  • encrypted12345
  • 26th Feb 12
I honestly didn't like it. The set-up was too long and it was just one long Origin Story. I can see why people like it, but I don't. I guess part of it was because I got pissed off at the movie for using the whole "angsty kid that goes A God Am I" thing. Andrew's life was terrible, but his reaction and actions felt too much like Wangst and Disproportionate Retribution for me to care.
  • Forgeling
  • 27th Feb 12
I liked this movie BECAUSE it was mainly backstory. I always end up feeling let down in a lot of powers movies because they don't spend time showing what powers can do and discussing the matter. This movie really delivered on the "Hey, let's try stuff." aspect I've always craved.
  • DeviousRecital
  • 27th Feb 12
^^I honestly thought his reactions were a bit more on the creepy side when he wasn't bitching at his dad or complaining about how he wasn't alone. I didn't sympathize with him, but spending so long building his character still got a reaction, pity if you will. I'd rather them do what they did than make this another thoughtless generic action movie that we're sure to see this summer anyway, even if you can predict what happens.

The one thing that does bug me is that they never explained the source of their power at all. It wasn't necessary, but it would have helped.
  • crucifiedSporecloud
  • 4th Mar 12
I love this movie so much, mainly for the reasons listed above.

  • EldritchBlueRose
  • 24th Mar 12
I watched the trailer, and I don't feel like it is worth watching because it gave away the ending.

Trailers are like the back covers of books, they should tempt the consumer to buy that media so they can know what happens. If they know what happens, then what is the point?

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