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Reviews Comments: Very fun, though lacking in the plot department. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann whole series review by foxmccloud 4387

Some time ago, when I stumbled upon Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, I was enthralled and caught up in all the fun and hot blood. Looking beyond that, however, I found the plot a bit underwhelming.

The plot is just your typical "La Resistance" story; the characters, while likeable in my opinion, were-cookie cutter in terms of personality. There are several Deus Ex Machina which can be detracting at times, though they are not overly grating. Also, a lot of plot elements have been graciously borrowed from other series (the framework of the second half was almost directly lifted from Getter Robo). Since this anime is essentially a satirical deconstruction/reconstruction of the Super Robot Genre, it may be all deliberate on Gainax's part.

The one part where I commend the plot, however, is using Kamina as a Decoy Protagonist and helping Simon step up to the plate. It was a good plot twist, subverting the typical Shonen protagonist and reconstructing what Shinji deconstructed eleven years beforehand. In my opinion, the growth of Simon is the most powerful part of the plot; the Character Development also somewhat leaked to other characters, and in my opinion led to the show's plot Growing The Beard. Even after that development has long passed, his character continues to progress in several ways. There is also a "follow the destiny you think is right" theme which I appreciate.

If you are not a plot kind of guy, however, and just want to have fun, you'll find an anime you'll really like. The fights and action are intense, though not drawn out like several other Shonen anime (you know which ones I'm talking about). While lacking in action in the beginning, it slowly but surely builds up.

Overall, this anime is the most fun one I've seen yet, but there's not a complete plot package behind the action. For me, it hardly detracts from my enjoyment of the show, and it is currently one of my favorites.

9/10 action wise

7/10 plot wise


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