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Reviews Comments: HP: Hype Perception Harry Potter whole series review by Glixinator

At first the hype made me skeptical of the series, but I had other concerns as well. First of all the name smacked of unoriginality to me. Harry Potter. The book is named after the main character. That is a pet peeve of mine and I try to avoid such works, but they hype said it was good anyway so eventually I gave it a try despite my misgivings, besides at least the subtitles were creative. At this point the first three books were out, and the rest of my family had read them. I found that the three of them where in fact an enjoyable read, despite the title and the fact that it was Urban Fantasy. Yes by this point I knew that that type of fantasy wasn't exactly my cup of tea, although I didn't know the word for it. So I was all the more impressed. When the fourth book in the series came out I was even more impressed. This was non-stop fast-paced action. Such a drastic improvement in quality boded well for the series. Then, the long wait, even longer then for book four. My own anticipation need no hype now, but alas the novel when it came was not what I had expected. The previous style had been abandoned, for a new style, one its complete opposite. I hated it. I considered abandoning the series, but everyone deserves a second chance. So I decided to wait and see what book six was like, and let its quality decide whether I would read the final instalement in the series or not. Well it met my standards and the series was redeemed. I was glad of it too, because when the seventh and final book came, I found the series had returned to the quality of the fourth book. Now I am given to understand that others respond differently to each of the books, with everyone having their favourite and their least favourite. So the only way to two know for sure which is which for you, is to read the whole series yourself. As a whole the series lives up to the hype and is worth the read. Which books justify the hype is still a matter of everyones own perception.

So give it a read and find your favourite, you'll be glad you did, but when you find one you hate, its probably best to read the cliff notes instead.


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