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Reviews Comments: A live action cartoon. I Carly whole series review by Kashima Kitty

It only takes a small peek at the DMOS page to see that iCarly is a polarizing series. Much of the humor comes from a screwball cast of characters unrealistically insane characters, rich with Comedic Sociopathy. Even the most mundane dialog is quirky to the point that if a real person spoke that way you would wonder what's wrong with them. Much of the "humor" of the show derives from how unreasonably off-kilter the people around Carly and friends are, to the point that it's more face-palming than funny.

The titular web-show in particular is little more than the two girls shouting obnoxiously at the camera, and yet people (in universe or not) find this funny and entertaining somehow. It helps that the show uses a constant Laugh Track for even the stupidest bits of dialog. The fact that this show is Nickelodeon's second most adored and over-aired show only makes things more grating.

Karma Houdini is another trope that this series lives on, the Base Breaker Sam being a particular offender. They make little excuse to justify her behavior other than her mom's a neglectful waste of a human being. If she was abusive to her child it would make more sense, but mostly it's just "She sleeps till noon. She wore a bikini around the house." Even Freddy, the Only Sane Man makes no attempt to suggest that there's something mentally wrong with this girl, and simply justifies her as being "Naturally vicious", as if it's just part of who she is. One episode even had her go so far as to make a sweatshop full of little kids, giving them only dog food to eat, with no comeuppance what-so-ever.

Then there's our starring protagonist Carly Shay. When the show began Carly assumed the role of the peacemaker, trying to keep her two best friends from killing each other. As the series entered it's second season, much of this began to shed away in favor of Carly being a total spaz, flying off the handle at the slightest provocation, whining and screaming over whatever problem the characters face. She's also known to be a gigantic enabler, often ignoring Sam's abuse toward Freddy, or giving her a silly scolding. "Sam stop licking technology."

If shows like iCarly and it's clone Victorious are what the future of Nickelodeon has in store (besides more Spongebob ten times a day), it's looking like the entire network is past it's prime.


  • finalsurvivor
  • 7th Oct 11

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  • 7th Oct 11

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