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Reviews Comments: Love is a Battlefield Scott Pilgrim whole series review by Schitzo

Ah, Scott Pilgrim, the slacker generation's masterpiece. There's nothing I can say that'll do this series justice. But I'll give it a try anyway.

First, lets just get the nasties out of the way: How well you like the series will hinge on a few things:
1: How vitriolic you like your (supporting) characters. Think Seinfeld or IASIP. It'll take some getting used to so you can sympathize with some guys, and even then, Character Development kicks in at around the third or forth volume, so you'll be rooting for the lead couple in due time.
2: How well you can stomach several genres at once. This series switches between slice of life, shonen fighting, and romantic comedy and all thrice at once in a fingersnap, and not very fluidly. Though O'Malley can balance Dramedy like nothing else.
3: How well versed you are in pop culture, particularly your Canadian TV or overall video game knowledge. But be assured, there's something for everyone.
4: Whether or not the title character hits a little too close to home. He's an ambitionless, dorky as hell slacker twenty something who chronically suffers from The Tetris Effect and inadvertently burns himself a few bridges just for his aloof love interest. I find that a tad too realistic, considering the comic in question.

With that said, I'd say this comic has it all. It's got the sharp wit and inside humor of some of the best webcomics out there, the simultaneous heartwarming and heartrending drama of the romance genre, and all the Crazy Awesome and high octane ferocity and fisticuffs of a Fighting Series condensed in six volumes.

Now go read it!


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