Reviews Comments: You would like Doctor McNinja if you like the following (spoilers)

You would like Doctor McNinja if you like the following (spoilers)
  • Ninjas
  • Doctors
  • Ninjas who are Doctors
  • Doctors who are Ninjas
  • Gorilla receptionist
  • Paul Bunyan's Disease
  • Organic Jetpacks
  • Velociraptor riding banditos
  • Robotic bears
  • The clone of Benjamin Franklin
  • Pizza
  • Horses that stalk people
  • The zombie of Benjamin Franklin
  • Spurting poison from your eyes like a toad
  • Chainsaw nun-chucks
  • Fart Burgers
  • Unicorn motorbikes
  • Ghost wizards with clown fetishes
  • Pirates with peg faces
  • Tennis related doomsday devices
  • Dolphins with guns
  • Surfing the robot Dracula through the cosmos
  • Mayors who install Zombie Defence systems
  • Monsters who own supermarkets
  • The Cumberland mafia
  • Weathermen
  • Purgatory
  • Death in a swimsuit
  • King Radical
  • Evil Ronald Mc Donald (so... normal Ronald Mc Donald)
  • Wise hallucination turkeys
  • Submarines
  • Aztecs
  • Punching snakes in the face
  • Astronauts
  • Curing Death
  • Parents that try and kill you
  • Flesh wounds
  • Crazy balloonist
  • A midget riding a grizzly bear
  • One-sided blood feuds
  • Technomages
  • The zombie of Benjamin Franklin dancing to "Thriller"
  • Neck beards
  • Headless Horsemen
  • Not actually knowing batman but claiming to
  • Learn facts like "Ninjas can't catch you if youíre on fire"
  • Pickled beets and precisely aimed demolitions
  • The reality behind the Red Cross
  • Alt tags
  • Hank's luxurious hair
  • Vomiting maple syrup
  • Ninja vaccines
  • Growing moustaches through willpower
  • Catching babies
  • Vampiric moon bases
  • Explosive soda machines
  • Tricksty lobster men


Best. Review. Ever.
comment #1174 randomfanboy 22nd Oct 09
You forgot:
  • Playing tennis for the fate of the world
  • Giant monsters without Magic Pants
  • Totally radical biker dudes
  • Evil unicorns
comment #1333 Fighteer 18th Nov 09
Yes I did. And many more. If you have any to add just do so. And eons from now it shalt be written.

"And the fanatical devotees of The Great and Powerful Doctor Mc Ninja set about to chronicle his magificent deeds. The list spanded thousands upon thousands and the world marveled."

Or you know If you feel like it.

Edit: Oh and thanks Randomfanboy.
comment #1339 wellinever 20th Nov 09 (edited by: wellinever)
Poisoned pickled beets. You forgot the "poisoned" part.
comment #1679 Madrugada 16th Jan 10
A gorilla fighting a raptor.
comment #3493 Michael 22nd Jul 10
I think that it knows exactly what it's doing. It's both parodying the mindless Micheal Bay action film and revelling in it. It doesn't take itself too seriously and therefore it's able to go off into a million absurb directions.
comment #3636 wellinever 31st Jul 10
This is an awesome review, and not just because its funny. If you like this crazy goofy run on style of humour you will like Dr Mc Ninja. If you don't... well yeah. If you find it funny you will perfer DMN in smaller doses. So yeah, funny and infomative. Made of win, even
comment #3653 1st Aug 10
Why thank you mysterious stranger.
comment #3659 wellinever 1st Aug 10
Eh. I still think you're giving it slightly too much credit. I can accept that it's a satire, but in my opinion it isn't a very good example of what it's satirizing.

Compare Robocop or Special Forces, for instance.
comment #3769 EponymousKid 6th Aug 10
I think all of those things are played-out and boring. Thanks for warning me.
comment #3772 BLOODPOUCH 6th Aug 10

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