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Cars 2 - Actually Super Awesome
Honestly, I can't understand why Cars 2 is getting so much flak from the critics. I found it adorable, hilarious, and in general everything I'd expect from a Pixar movie.

I thought it was nice that McQueen (who's already learned his lessons, after all) stepped aside for Mater to play lead protagonist. Mater and McQueen's friendship made me smile. I also loved the international theme. There were a lot of clever jokes and cultural bonuses. It was one of those movies that made you feel just a little bit closer to the rest of the globe. It was very cool to see more of this car-populated universe, and I was astounded by how much creativity must've gone into coming up with the little details. It's mind-blowing. Car airports, car bathrooms, cars riding in or on other vehicles. And when you see the spy cars put through their paces - for example, in the opening scene - the ingenuity behind their gadgets is ridiculous. Ridiculously awesome, that is. I kept thinking "How do you do that with cars?" and I kept getting answers.

The movie is also ridiculously pretty. Especially the shots of the cities. Every race scene reminded me of Gran Turismo, except even more stunning. But then, what do you expect from Pixar?

My only complaint is that the "be yourself" message felt a little bit forced and cliché. I would agree that this movie lacked the pathos and toying with the heartstrings that other Pixar movies do with mastery. In retrospect, that's a bit disappointing. But while I was watching the movie, it was so much fun I barely noticed.

My advice: it wasn't on par with the Pixar greats, but it was still pretty darn awesome and a lot better than most movies. You might not love this movie as much as I did, but don't just take my word or Rotten Tomatoes' word for it. Go see for yourself.


I completely agree. I really don't understand why people panned this movie so badly.
comment #11396 MarkAntony 15th Nov 11
Yeah, I had a similar experience. It was actually a pretty good animated-action-spy flick.
comment #11432 troacctid 17th Nov 11
Same for me as well. It was OK.
comment #17019 AngrokVa 30th Nov 12
I saw it myself, found it incredibly boring. Getting past the fact that it focuses on Mater, a character that should be at best part of the supporting cast, the conflict between him and Lightning was uninspired and predictable, the actual spy mystery was avergae, but nothing amazing, and the best parts (the racing) are heavily outnumbered by boring scenes of exposition and Mater's wacky antics.
comment #17032 MrMouse 30th Nov 12
I don't want to sound like the Fan Dumb, but I remember plenty of the reviews actually being gleeful at Pixar's apparent flop. One with an "It's finally happened!"

Just... wow guys, take it easy.
comment #20531 rimpala 10th Aug 13

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