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Reviews Comments: Cartoon Brew called it, it sucks. The Looney Tunes Show whole series review by Brokenshell 44

  • UPDATE***
Ok, so if the other reviews are any implication, my review gave the idea that the only reason this don't like the show is because it isn't EXACTLY like the original shorts. This is not the case. I was not expecting a note for note remake of the original shorts,I was expecting:

- Decent writing

- Well constructed jokes

- good comic timing

- Stories and jokes about the Looney Tunes in modern Sitcom situations, not derailed characters that don't resemble the Looney tunes at all

- Music that didn't desperately plead to be relevant

- For the creators to be respectful to the original characters instead of just using their faces and pasting them over their own boring characters.

So yeah, guess my expectations were too high. My bad I guess.

  • Original Review** (some stuff taken out to add the update)
Lets just get straight to the point: It's Ctrl Alt Del meets Looney Tunes. Tons of unfunny talking with Bugs and Daffy pasted over boring uninteresting characters.

The basic premise according to the creators is "The Looney Tunes as a sitcom", but upon watching the show, it is painfully obvious the real premise is "Sitcom required by contract to put Looney Tunes characters in it". Need a straight man? Just make it Bugs. Need someone who's Too Dumb To Live to play off that straight man? WHY DAFFY OF COURSE! Need an even dumber neighbor to move next door? Yosemite Sam will do! Atleast they rename Witch Hazel as Lezah to justify making her a Sassy Black Woman. Its still stupid, but they tried.

The show also treats us to its own "Merrie Melody" segments, songs that appear to be made by the same guy who said "WE KNOW WHAT KIDS LIKE, WE'RE RELEVANT!" when Loonatics Unleashed was being made. So far 3 of the songs (I'm a Martian, Blow My Stack, and the Chicken Hawk song) being unbearably awful raps and the other one being Grilled Cheese, Elmer Fudds deranged twisted love ballad to his grilled cheese. And yes, they are all as awful as they sound and are the worst part of the show.

The animation of the show is pretty well done, and I'm in the group who thinks the new Lola is actually entertaining, meaning the funniest thing in this show is the affirmative action mary sue from Space Jam. And as bad as the rest of the show is, thats not surprising.


  • wandawonka
  • 26th May 11
Sounds like someone's rap prejudiced.

And Space Jam Lola was much less annoying.
  • taylorkerekes
  • 5th Jul 11
I believe I do have a mild interest in Mary Sues and the new Lola is not entertaining at all. Besides, Space Jam Lola was NOT annoying at all.
  • jayday12345678910
  • 29th Jul 11
Blow my stack really wasnt a rap song...
  • Jobbeybob
  • 10th Sep 11
I hate when people call the new Lola "annoying". It's FUCKING LOONEY TUNES.

Besides, at least this time they gave her a personality and at least tried to make her funny, unlike in Space Jam.
  • ManwiththePlan
  • 28th Sep 11
^ Exactly. What the Hell ANYONE sees in Space Jam Lola is beyond me. She was a personalitiless Mary Sue character designed for the Furry crowd, nothing more.
  • immortalfrieza
  • 7th Jun 13
This review sums up what I hate about this show the most. The worst part? They put in Coyote Vs. Road Runner shorts in between the regular episodes that are great and very reminiscent of the originals to constantly remind fans of the original shorts that they are watching a pathetically inferior blatant cash in that's as bad as it is merely because the writers didn't give enough of a crap.

Oh, and as for Lola, she was infinitely superior in every possible way as her Space Jam version. She was pretty much the complete opposite of the moronic, annoying, Clingly Jealous Girlfriend (among other extremely unappealing characteristics) that her Looney Tunes Show version is, and a much better and more interesting character for it, even if she did delve into being sexualized at times, it was still preferable. The worst part (again) is that Daffy's Girlfriend, Tina, is pretty much the Space Jam Lola as a duck. They could have still had the same exact character around without pissing off the fans of the Space Jam Lola by simply having the two switch personalities.
  • Historian1912
  • 15th Aug 13
How was Lola in Space Jam even remotely interesting? Its Looney Tunes, which requires comedy. There wasn't a single funny thing involving Lola in Space Jam. As for the "personality switch" you mention, I think it works pretty well since there's a relatively serious character playing off a really bizarre one. Not trying to be too argumentative, but I honestly don't get what anyone's complaining about where Lola is concerned. I've only ever seen her in Space Jam and in a cameo in Tweety's High Flying Adventure, so I don't see her as a character whose personality is worth fussing over. Its not like she had a long and expansive history from which inspiration could be drawn. Then again, I actually like this show and Lola in particular, so we're probably never going to agree.
  • ading
  • 29th Sep 13
Tina isn't at all "the Space Jam Lola as a duck." Yes, both play Straight Man (or Woman) roles and both have Non-Mammal Mammaries, but that's a very broad connection. Tina has an actual personality. Lola was just an overly-sexualized Mary Sue. Come on, tell me one part of Lola's character trait besides "bunny boobies".
  • ading
  • 29th Sep 13
^That should read "one part of Lola's character".

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