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Enjoyable Due to the Characters
I read Bleach expecting parts of it to drag. After all, it was 400+ chapters with not that much happening. Parts of it did drag, though. This isn't to say I didn't enjoy it.

Here are the pros:
  • The characters were very interesting. The ones that stood out the most for me when reading it were the Blood Knight Kenpachi, the Complete Monster Mayuri, the Death Seeker Nnoitra, Matsumoto the Buxom Babe, and Rukia, who is not your standard shonen female character.
  • The art is great. While sometimes it suffers from Only Six Faces, there is no denying that it's gorgeous art, though I am a little bit distressed by Kubo's seeming inability to draw people with feet bigger than their hands.
  • The Soul Society Arc was really good.

And the cons?
  • There's so many Shonen Upgrades that it gets kinda ridiculous. Heck, Ichigo's even the trope picture.
  • The pacing is very slow. There's a lot of Arc Fatigue
  • There's so many characters that a lot of them seriously seem to have no purpose.
  • The villains...well, Aizen's quite a Villain Sue, though that's sometimes amusing.
  • Overall, the series takes itself too seriously for what it is.

The series was overally entertaining, but it's not a series meant for those with little patience! The characters are mainly certified badasses and will stick with me for a while. I liked it. But it's not my favorite series. I will continue to look forward to the new chapters.


Cash Cow Franchise = Make a million characters, drag whatever little plot it has out as long as you can, profit.
comment #6562 23rd Feb 11
I pretty much agree with this review, although it's worth noting that the anime has better pacing.
comment #6590 silver2195 24th Feb 11

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