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Reviews Comments: A Great Game Fallout New Vegas game review by Poptard

Fallout: New Vegas is a wonderful game. I've played it constantly since I bought it. However, that's pretty vauge, so I'll explain why it's a good game.

From the beginning, you are thrust into an immersive world. Almost every gameplay aspect from Fallout 3 has been kept and/or improved upon. Normally, it would make the game feel like an expansion pack, but New Vegas distinguishes itself easily. The crafting, the improves dialouge system, the minigames, the companions, all of them appealed to me. The 3 factions the story revolves around, the New California Republic, Caesar's Legion, and Mr. House, are all well characterized and easy to sympathize with. Sometimes I even had to pause to think about the consequences of my actions. Should I kill this delusional but sympathetic character? Should I lie to cover up a murder done for a good reason? It's choices like these that give New Vegas its great story.

Like all things, New Vegas has it's downsides. Things like the bugs, the pacing, the repetition, the voice acting, and the rampant bugs tarnish an otherwise spotless game. The repetition is one of my biggest problems with this game. Everywhere I go, I run into people asking me to do fix this, deliver this, talk to this guy, or kill this. From "Go kill these Geckos" to "Go kill those Deathclaws, to "Go give this guy some components" to "Go give this guys some supplies", the redundancy of it all is redundant. However, these quests make the memorable ones stand out more. The voice acting pool, which is completely different yet still the same size, resulted in the one person insulting himself and another one person fleeing in terror from his own voice. The Mojave Wasteland is a big place, but empty. There are just way too many buildings that are completely boarded up or longs segments deviod of anything for my tastes.

And last of course, are the rampant bugs. And I'm not just talking about the Cazadores. Fro the humorous to the gamebreaking, this game has them all. Everywhere I go, I see enemies stuck halway inside rocks, trapped behind knee-height debris, and falling into a Jello-like mush when knocked down. One particuarly bad bug left my entire save game stuck inside a building until the recent patch. Apart from those things, New Vegas is a wonderful game.


  • 22nd Dec 10
There's not a lot you praise about the game, so I don't know what you like about it.

And I'm STILL looking for the rampant bugs everyone says about the game.

I actually like how the reputation works. It gives you the feeling that you a) really are a Courier and b) are putting yourself into a position best suited for stabbing everyone you don't like in the back.
  • Bek359
  • 20th Feb 11
The voice acting pool is actually MUCH larger than Fallout 3's. Sources:

F:NV has 70 names on that list, F3 has only 36.

They actually have a lot of names you might recognize, too, like Yuri Lowenthal, Michael Dorn, Steve Blum, and Wil Wheaton.

And that's not counting the obvious ones that voice your companions, like Zachary Levi and Felicia Day.
  • CPFMfan
  • 25th Feb 11
How are the racist, sexist, bigoted, violent and cruel Legion "easy to sympathize with"? Not saying that there's anything wrong if you do, I just never saw how they could be seen as the least bit sympathetic.

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