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Reviews Comments: A Wonderful Addition To The Disney Animated Canon Tangled film/book review by sardns

Being a huge Disney buff, it's pretty safe to trust me when I say that Tangled is just awesome. I love it even more than The Princess And The Frog (beware of spoilers).

Rapunzel, Flynn and Mother Gothel are the best characters in this movie. Rapunzel just has a certain adorableness about her that's new for a Disney Princess. Her pluckiness, sunny disposition and strong will make it almost impossible to not like the girl. Flynn, or should I say Eugene, is one of the most interesting and likeable Disney Princes yet. He experiences the most Character Development from taking Rapunzel to see the lanterns just to get the crown back to handing it over the Stabbington brothers after realizing Rapunzel's more important to him than money. The interaction between these two make them a very cute and likeable couple. I don't mean to start a Flame War, but Mother Gothel is a better villain than Dr. Facilier. She's coddled Rapunzel and warped her so much that Rapunzel goes bipolar when she first leaves the tower from being in ecstacy to the depths of despair for being a terrible daughter. Her and Rapunzel's relationship is one of (if not the) deepest between a Disney villain and the protagonist. Mother Gothel really does seem to love Rapunzel at first, but her hair is more important in the end as evidence by her dragging the girl she's raised for 18 years in chains to the basement and stabbing her Love Interest. It's just so easy to hate her. The other characters are fun, too. Pascal is even more adorable than Rapunzel is, Maximus is the coolest Disney horse ever (and funniest), and the Pub Thugs win your heart over with their secret sensitive sides.

You can't have a Disney movie without Nightmare Fuel and a Tear Jerker, so let's analyse those scenes. Mother Gothel's death was almost as creepy as Dr. Facilier's; after Rapunzel's hair is cut, her source of immortality is cut off. She wraps her cloack around her while having a breakdown and accidentally trips out the window. When she hits the ground, she's just a pile of dust. Thank God that cloack was covering her. Flynn's Disney Death was so damn bleak but so deliciously emotional. This is where you can really tell that Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi can voice act. Seeing Rapunzel cradle Flynn and futilely trying to heal him is just so sad. And blood was actually shown!

My rating overall: 9/10


  • maninahat
  • 29th Nov 10
You probably shouldn't put such spoileriffic information in the review. Reviews don't have spoiler tags, so you should probably avoid revealing such significant plot details in the first place. If you want to discuss that sort of thing, perhaps you should try the under-used essay page?

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