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Guilty Pleasure Done Right
Glee most certainly isn't the smartest show on television, and the characters are definitely aren't the most creative.

And yet, it works. I've heard of Guilty Pleasures before, but this is the first one I ever got attached to. Why? It's bright, exuburant. Something is always happening, and the characters are involved in a rapid moving web of hilarity, heartwarming, and fun.

It's true it's not realistic, and it's not deep or intellegent. But it defintely entertains, and it gets you involved. The show is tailor made to invoke emotions, and trust me, you will feel something, often many things, at the end of each episode.

And if the periods of wangst and drama are too much, don't sweat it. There's always another song to look foward to.
I don't get people saying this isn't realistic (except for Sue&Bullies co.'s Joker Immunity). All of the situations depicted here, I have met them in Real Life. They just appear very time compressed. But teens, and young adults, are just that stupid.
comment #6892 Ardiente 17th Mar 11
^It applies to a hell of a lot more than just teenagers and young adults.
comment #6947 22nd Mar 11
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