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Reviews Comments: It was fun as a kid, and it's fun now. Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog whole series review by SG man forever

In an odd way, this show is a lot like the old sega genesis games of Sonic. Simple, not much to them, but a lot of fun when we were kids. When I was a kid, I liked the over the top zaniness, the slapstick, and just the chaotic nature of the show. Plus, although he comes off as cheesy when looking back as an adult, I thought Sonic was really cool as a kid, and to me, it's easy to see why a kid would enjoy this show. It's about twenty minutes of running around like mad, funny slapstick, and the occasional fat joke. What kid doesn't love that?

Now, looking back as an adult, hearing Sonic attempting to be "edgy" while voiced by friggin Urkel is a bit much. Tails is kind of cute, and the child actor actually wasn't as bad as everyone makes him out to be, although the two of them can be a bit annoying. The plots make almost no sense, the animation is all over the place, model wise, and at times, the show is just bizarre. What makes the show worth watching as an adult then? Much like the old sidescrollers, for me at least, a large part of it is nostalgia. Remembering how I used to have my parents set an automated timer on the VCR on the show all week so I could watch them all day on Saturday morning after the other (much more serious and well written) Sonic show was over, and eating chili dogs my mom made for me (I was about eight years old I think) is just all kinds of warm and fuzzy feeling.

Now, if you didn't grow up with the show like me, however, it's still worth checking out, since a lot of the episodes are on youtube. Why? Three words: Dr. Motherfucking. Robotnik. Long John Baldry's voice acting is so ridiculously over the top it's impossible not to find him absolutely hilarious. The animation for the character, while, as mentioned, is not anything close to stable, is also a kick to watch, as the animation notes for the character, as noted on the main page, were "draw expressively, not well."

All in all, as a kid, to me at least, this show was So Cool Its Awesome, nowadays, it's a resounding case of So Bad Its Good.


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