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Tenchi's OVA 3
Let's be upfront. OVA 3 was not the best that Tenchi had to offer. The whole affair can be divided into two parts. The first four episodes which focus on the slice of life aspects, and the last three which have a bunch of Mind Screw elements.

In the first four episodes, nothing really happens. It's just a slow drudgery limping along from one episode to the next, starting with an unnecessary recap episode and just getting worse from there. Noike gets some character spotlight, but you have to wonder why as they do nothing with her character. A painful fourty minutes into her episode, we learn nothing about her other than the fact that she has some aggressive mental disorder regarding Mihoshi.

In the final episodes, we are treated to a bunch of Mind Screw imagery as Tenchi is sent flying into some psuedo sub dimensional world courtesy of Z's sword. This is a standard tactic of anime writers to try to invoke True Art Is Incomprehensible when they run out of ideas for a story line. It didn't work in Eureka Seven and it doesn't work here. The final episode tries to untangle the mess they made of Tenchi's mother, the girl Kagato nonsense and the wedding between Misao and Mashsisu which had nothing to do with anything in the first place.

If you are an Kajishima Otaku in the vein of a AstroNerdBoy, you might find it natural to try to invent explainations for this series' painfully obvious shortcomings. More rational and unbiased viewers will want to give this peformance a wide berth...and hope that fourth OVA never rears it's ugly head.


comment #7730 Phader47 19th May 11 (edited by: Phader47)
Yeah, Noike was such a terrible Sue that after I bought the dvds, I wanted my money back, and was thankful I got the boxset as opposed to buying them individually. Only good thing about it was seeing Tokimi actually doing stuff.
comment #11236 shadowwolf75 5th Nov 11
I actually liked the final half of it, but you're right about the boring slice of life.
comment #17902 azraelfinalstar 30th Jan 13
You watched it dubbed, didn't you? Try watching it subbed, it's much better. And before you blast Astro Nerd Boy, why not look at some the reasons why the Western fandom received the OVA poorly in comparison to the original fandom?
comment #22385 QueenMarine 4th Dec 13

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