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Reviews Comments: Best. Game. Ever!! The Legend Of Zelda Majoras Mask game review by Lord Pentium

OK, full disclosure here. I didn't start playing Zelda until the Oracle saga. I didn't even own a console until the Gamecube. I didn't even play MM until I was 17, when I got the Collector's Edition for my birthday. I'd already beaten A Link To The Past, The Wind Waker, and the Oracle games before then, and I beat Ocarina Of Time before even starting MM. I'd even rented Twilight Princess before that. And yes, I'll admit to preferring the Darker And Edgier Zelda games to the Lighter And Softer ones: fans of The Wind Waker and its sequels, or nostalgic fans of the 2D games, may not be quite so impressed with Majora's Mask as I was.

But yeah, I love Majora's Mask. The mask system, with different masks giving Link different abilities, advantages, disadvantages, was something I'd love to see again. Yes, there were the tunics in Ocarina of Time and in Twilight Princess, and to an extent the Rings in the Oracle games, but the first two were limited and the last was too luck-based, confusing, most of the rings (aside from the Red and Blue rings, and possibly the Green Ring but I never got that) weren't all that useful, et cetera. The Masks were done right. Then there were all the sidequests, providing background on the people in Termina in a way we've only ever gotten for a few characters in other Zelda games. And the time limit system makes you do some work planning out your days, or you'll end up having to reset the time and lose a lot of progress. Then there's the bosses: say what you will about them being a bit gimmicky and less straightforward, but I liked them better than the bosses in most other Zelda games, except maybe some of the better ones in Twilight Princess.

For some reason, I always find in Zelda games whatever I need at that moment in time. I sort of "needed" Majora's Mask coming off of my mid-2000s Dork Age. It was the game I needed to get back into games, the game I needed to make me reconsider the wangsty parts of my fist half in high school, to make me realize that no matter how dark it gets, if you keep faith and keep pushing on, you'll eventually see it... The dawn of a new day.


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