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Reviews Comments: Well let's see... The Spoony Experiment whole series review by 13secondstomidnight

The Spoony Experiment, home of the Spoony One, birth place of Dr. Insano, and frequent graveyard of Black Lantern Spoony (who got better with the aid of Linkara but then died in that tragic suicide attempt that we will never mention again). He reviews video games, rants on movies, and tears TNAimpact and Raw a new one as he tries to come to terms with the insanity of Dixie Carter's booking strategy, among other things.

He is beloved by many, and hated by probably the same number, with the words Unpleasable Fanbase and Broken Base easily utterable in the same sentence. But whether you complain or not, he draws the attention of so many people with so many conflicting ideas that pretty much the entire crew of TGWTG has begged him not to post any links to them that might be sussed out by his Sarcastic Devotees. Whatever your opinion of him, when you're devoting entire rants in either the hatred or rejoicing of his name, you know he's done something right somewhere. Noah Antwiler, ladies and gentlemen of! And unless Insano does another Face Heel Turn at some point in the fucked up continuity that is the dear doctor, I don't think he's going to be dying (again) or going away any time soon.

Today I'm going to add to that long line of reviews and opinions on Mr. Antwiler, clouding the sea of commentators with another, but hell, this is the internet, and damn it if I'm not gonna make use of it before those aliens out orbiting Saturn realise where I am and come to take me back to Andromeda for war crimes against the solar system of star CXS125... but that's just me. A Deadpan Snarker through and through, the Spoony One may be more casual than the technical analysis of Linkara, and less linear (and probably more sane) than the traumatised Nostalgia Critic, but he is damn fucking funny and entertaining. He will (and has) gone through sickness and highwater to bring entertainment to his viewers. And in the very true sense of Doing It For The Art, earned himself more than one heartwarming moment in the course of his short career.

Now, before I have to go and try to dig this infernal locater beacon out of my shoulder, all I have to say is this... BEWARE THE ALIENS FROM SATURN AND CXS125!


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