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Reviews Comments: Pikachu vs. Blanka: Deja vu, Thor vs. Raiden viewers? Death Battle episode/issue review by Mr.Movie

Pikachu vs Blanka is quite the weird fight considering the one that came some time before it. Thor vs. Raiden took the oddly specific premise of "Thunder Gods who use electricity in their attacks" and went with it, and Pikachu vs. Blanka is the second "electrical match" of the series (and of Season 1).

Why two electrical matches in the same season, and so close (2 espidoses are between them) as well? And even stranger, the winner is victorious for roughly the same reason (both fighters were immune to each other's electrical attacks, so the deciding factor was physical prowess). Anyway, the fight is quite good with decent animation and flashy maneuvers by both combatants, and while I'm a Street Fighter fan, I have no attachment to Blanka and the same goes for Pikachu, but I can only imagine how fans of the loser felt when they witnessed an embarassing and brutal finishing move that makes Master Chief's tea-bagging look like a friendly gesture. A Mortal Kombatant would have puked; for all the brutality of their finishers, I don't recall any Kombatant eating dead bodies.

This match, while somewhat a repeat of an earlier one, stands out for one big reason: the preview for Goku vs. Superman at the end. At first, there is darkness and silence. Then we hear a very familiar voice chanting the name of his famous attack, and as the Ki beam surges towards the screen, it illuminates the icon of the world's greatest superhero.

But even if the preview had been something different, the episode is still good by itself. You have to love the technical skill put into it all.


  • Electricstar
  • 9th Apr 14
I never considered Pikachu vs Blanka to be a good idea for an episode, considering all the factors, nerfings, and buffings.

And yes, that "funny" ending was nothing more than a spiteful middle finger. I can't help but feel Ben is trying to rectify that with the (current) next episode, which I can only hope is much more epic and, more importantly, more respectful.
  • RatSplat68
  • 13th Jun 14
And now they are doing it AGAIN! 2 Death Battles after Terminator vs Robocop, they realease Fulgore vs Sektor with the same result: The strongest and most well armed combatant won. Deja Vu!

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