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Reviews Comments: Not too bad, for a new show. The Amazing World Of Gumball whole series review by Anime Badger

Okay, this be me first review, so, here goes nothing. I apologize if I don't say much or if this sounds generic.

I have seen (and LOVE) Adventure Time and Regular Show, two of the most popular shows on Cartoon Network. But I never really saw AWOG until last summer. * The first episode I saw was "The Spoon". I thought it was an ok episode, but then I watched a few other episodes. Then I started to find some serious potential in this show.

What can I say? It's got a pretty good set of characters, and pretty good animation to boot, plus, it has some of the randomness of the older Cartoon Network. Not to mention some the live-action backgrounds look nice as well. And I cannot put my finger on it, but some parts of this show invoke moments from Whatever Happened To Robot Jones. I think it's just me.\ To me, this show lies somewhere between So Bad Its Good and Actually Pretty Funny.

For a noob show, it's not half-bad. Anyone who claims otherwise is more than likely one of the CN's fandom's resident gewunners. *


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