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Reviews Comments: Why is this a thing? Superior Spider Man film/book review by Asger

Christ, it hasn't been easy to be a Spider-Man fan in the last couple of years. Between having his entire continuity violently fisted by Joe Quesada in OMD, and now having this stupid 'Doctor Octopus is Spider-Man' garbage shoved down our throats.

Despite the fact that Spider-Man has been outwitting Ock for 60 years or so, meaning that by default Peter should already be the Superior one, Doctor Octopus somehow swaps bodies with Peter through...robots, or some shit. Even by comic book standards this is already a stupid premise. Peter then dies an undignified death inside Doctor Octopus' ruined body, a massive insult to the character and all those who were fans of him.

Otto then tries to prove himself as 'superior' by being a SUPER-SERIOUS GRIMDARK ANTI-HERO, GRR (Because having any characters that are quirky, lighthearted or fun is a cardinal sin in modern comics) and proceeds to beat up the Avengers and hook up with Mary-Jane, another middle finger to the people who opposed OMD. So, it's not even Doctor Octopus in Spider-Man's body, it's a generic gloating Villain Sue in Peter's body.

This will likely be undone by the time the second Andrew Garfield movie comes around,, I'm sorry, Marvel you've just completely lost me. I read through the pants-on-head retardedness of Civil War. I survived the mindless sensationalist stupidity of World War Hulk. I was even willing to endure Marvel NOW, but this...

When you kill off a classic character with a large fanbase and following, in such a shameful and disrespectful fashion, you've just lost me as a reader entirely. You know what annoys me the most? It's being deliberately provocative. It's insulting the classic Spider-Man and everything he stood for, just to bring in the readers through controversy.

The only thing I can hope for is to see Otto Octavius burn for eternity at the hands of Mephisto, and maybe Dan Slott will suffer a similar fate for sticking his tongue out at Spider-fans.


  • kay4today
  • 6th Jul 13
I completely agree. One of the weakest moments so far, and that's saying a lot.
  • VeryMelon
  • 6th Jul 13
I hate to break this to you but Superior Spider-Man is going to be around for at least 2 more years, so the new movie won't do anything to get Peter back.
  • Asger
  • 6th Jul 13
Oh...Fucking joy.

Well i can go two whole years without wasting money on another Marvel book.
  • Gojirob
  • 21st Jul 13
I don't know which Troper on the main page keeps gushing over Grimdark Ock-Spidey's rough methods, but here is a major why for not doing so beyond the simple stark morality of it all : They are villains. They will always sink lower, play rougher, and go where even someone with the delusion of being a hero can not. If Peter had tried to kill a lot of his villains, then those he killed would get either same-name or otherwise like replacements who will start out knowing that Spider-Man will kill. Those he failed to kill? Hell, they already want vengeance just for being defeated in the past.

Marvel's methods are those of a farmer who eats all his seeds and declares it a successful harvest.
  • Wackd
  • 22nd Jul 13 people honestly think he's gonna stay dead?
  • Asger
  • 22nd Jul 13
Honestly? No. Do I think he's going to stay dead for long? Well, One More Day was 6 years ago and still has yo be properly undone. Marvel have a habit of royally cocking up Spider-man and then not fixing it for years.
  • Wackd
  • 22nd Jul 13
Yeah, but death's different—especially with a movie on the way.
  • WatXM
  • 11th Aug 13
To be honest I love the new direction, and sells seem to indicate that I'm far from alone
  • Asger
  • 11th Aug 13
And you're the first person whom I've ever heard react positively to the series, so...congratulations?
  • kay4today
  • 11th Aug 13
Must be cause Ock-Spidey is all DARK AND EDGY. A certain demographic is sucked in by that kind of garbage, unfortunately.
  • InsertAuthorHere
  • 11th Aug 13
It also might be people following the series to see how long it takes for them to bring Peter back. The more they try to sell it as a permanent change, the dumber they make it sound. And there's also the train wreck factor.
  • Asger
  • 11th Aug 13
Bile Fascination.

And hell even if it isn't bile fascination, just because something is popular doesn't make it good. (See also: Justin Bieber and Twilight).
  • KPaBaTa
  • 15th Oct 13
Sooo...lemme correct a few details off about the post. Otto got his ass kicked by the Avengers and only got away because the smartest of the team weren't on Earth to figure out what was going on. He never hooked up with Mary Jane either. To call him a Villain Sue is to ignore the issues upon of issues of foreshadowing leading up to 700 and then from that point on, ignore that despite Sp Ock's seeming string of victories, the material shows over and over again how he's alienating those around him, losing allies and making an even greater villain for himself in the new Green Goblin. It's not so much insulting Peter Parker given how his legacy is over the entire series and A) He'll be back, let's not kid ourselves and B)Most of the evidence points to it praising how he operated as Spider-Man.
  • gibberingtroper
  • 15th Oct 13
Don't forget, Ock won his first fight against Spiderman. He was famous for being one of the early or even the first bad guy to have an uncontested win over a superhero.

And Otto was a leading nuclear physicist. Spiderman, in spite of his genius, only ever managed to be a photographer and a high school teacher. While I don't wish to put down the noble profession of teaching, for Peter its a waste of his genius. Being mentored by Tony Stark was the best thing to happen to him in decades. Between that and joining the Avengers (specifically for the reasons Peter and Steve Rogers discussed) it looked like he was starting to become an adult. That drew me back in.

If I wasn't done with paper comics, I'd be all over this series. At least its something original (yeah, yeah, I know "oh like possession is so original" but it is when you let it stick like it is here.)

And it sparks the debates we're having now. See, I haven't read the series but I might totally agree with you that Otto is not being a superior Spiderman. The book is called "Superior Spiderman" not because the writers think this is a better Spiderman but because Otto thinks that.

By offering this alternate way of being Spiderman, Otto is making his statement about what he thinks Spiderman should be. And we get to debate that. This is the kind of debate comics should spark (as opposed to pulling in debates from real life current events).
  • Kirbypower
  • 28th Dec 13
When did Sp Ock beat up the Avengers?
  • MiscellaneousSoup
  • 20th May 14
Personally, I like the Superior Spider-Man and not for Bile Fascination. I genuinely think it's good. I'm sad to see it go. Please don't flame me. If you have to, do it in a PM.
  • IndirectActiveTransport
  • 28th May 14
What was so bad about World War Hulk...besides the fact the Hulk did not kill anyone? He got to trounce the Sentry, which almost made up for it (if he had killed him it would have been perfect)
  • methodoverload
  • 1st Jun 14
I got some catching up to do but I like the idea of this series and now that its over, I look forward to seeing what Peter does with the mess Ock left him.

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