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A lifelong resident of the New Jersey Shore, while I am a patriot, I remember well George Carlin's combined prayer to 'protect and save us from those whom so proudly we hail'- though I don't lean as left as he did on spiritual matters. Apart from the obvious Godzilla, my first SF/F loves include Golden Age DC (especially Jay Garrick and Kal-L), Star Trek (Mostly TOS and DS9), and nearly every last incarnation of The War Of The Worlds. I collect SF/F vehicles, mostly in miniature, from 1/50 to 1/64, with 1/24 to 1/18 saved for big guns like the Ecto-1, Barris TV cars (basically, if you saw a strange vehicle on 60's TV, he designed it), Speed Racer and the Flintsones Car. I write fanfiction, and right now I'm concentrating an apocalyptic AU of ST:TOS called The Ancient Destroyer Cycle, featuring the Kirk family's generational feud with a powerful, well-heeled hate group that worships Godzilla enemy King Ghidorah in a world where Godzilla never rose to stop him.

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