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01:06:14 PM Mar 25th 2013
Are you serious? They got rid of the race examples on Unfortunate Implications? Hello! It's called YMMV for a reason! It's called "Unfortunate Implications" for a reason! It doesn't take more than a quick look on IMDb or even the Facebook page, or even watch a couple of Youtube videos about T-Dog to know how a good portion of the fanbase feels about the whole race issue. Christ. =___=
11:54:15 PM Sep 20th 2012
edited by Azaram
Not sure where/how to add it, but does anyone else feel like you should have been able to Take a Third Option in at least some of the SadisticChoices? Especially with Doug and Carley... She has one zombie holding her ankle and a purse with extra clips about three feet away, while Doug has at least three zombies holding onto him right then. Slap the purse close enough to her that she can pick it up and get the ammo while you at least slow them pulling Doug out the window until she can shoot them.
05:49:36 PM Jan 4th 2013
If you want to add this it should probably come under But Thou Must! but honestly most of the time they have the bases covered with the third option being avaliable.
01:54:56 AM Mar 14th 2012
So has the troper who put Shane under the 'Scrappy' category ever ventured outside TV Tropes forums? The guys is always in the top three of favorite characters from The Walking Dead and has the most rabid fanbase of all. In what universe does Shane qualifies as a 'scrappy'? The mere fact that you don't like him doesn't automatically makes him one.

Same goes for the 'Complete Monster' one. With people like the two darlings mentioned above how the hell does Shane comes even close to qualify as one? Some perspective, please!
01:05:03 PM Mar 15th 2012
Depends on where you go. Some like him, some don't.
03:23:07 PM Mar 23rd 2012
This is after all why we have YMMV in the first place isn't it?
12:01:15 AM Mar 28th 2012
edited by Amarilis
Following that criteria we should add everyone but Daryl and Glenn to the list.
07:09:34 PM Nov 21st 2010
I don't really think that Thomas' or the Governer's Complete Monster status is really subjective. Thomas' defining characteristic is that he likes to hack off girls' heads, and the Governor's is that he's a remorseless bastard who murders several likeable characters and occasionally likes to make out with his zombified daughter; neither is ever once presented in a remotely sympathetic light. I say we move this trope entry back to the main comics page.
07:53:59 PM Nov 21st 2010
It doesn't matter if those two are subjective; the trope itself is, so if there's a YMMV page it goes on there no matter what.
05:48:39 PM Jan 4th 2013
Indeed, even if a character outright declares themselves an irredeemable monster, the trope by very nature is subjective, as audiences may or may not agree. This is why we have a YMMV page in the first place.
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