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10:53:05 PM Sep 19th 2014
On 'Badass', isn't the whole point of YMMV that... well, YMMV on some things? I've heard some fans call Snow White kickass despite her never physically doing much, just that she's cool for being a strong and sympathetic person who comes out on top despite her horrible life and makes a bunch of grown men to do her bidding though she's a kid. I assume it's because she never picks up a weapon, but then that also takes Badass out of Badass Pacifist too.

I could be wrong, but there seems to be a bit of hesitation towards dishing out the more flattering-sounding tropes like this towards the older princesses in general, even in the YMMV pages.
11:36:17 PM Sep 19th 2014
The YMMV tab is principally about YMMV items. Badass Adorable is a trope, not a YMMV item.
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